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Help and FAQ

How do standing orders operate?

I love your standing order system. I've been reading small press magazines for a number of years, and I like to support them, but I'm embarrassed to admit all the times I've been burned on subscriptions. The standing order system eliminates all that. Keep up the good work!
- B.S., New Jersey

Key features of the BBR Distribution Standing Order service

  1. You receive the latest issues of your favourite magazines as soon as they're published.
  2. You get a discount on the regular catalogue price.
  3. You don't have to tie up your money in multiple subscriptions.
  4. The publisher is still guaranteed sales of forthcoming issues.
  5. The balance of your money is protected if a magazine closes down.
  6. There's no minimum period that you're committed to taking a particular title.

Although it's the most exciting area of publishing, the inherent volatility of the small press means that some titles do close down before you get all the issues you've paid for.

BBR Distribution's Standing Order service gets round that problem by making sure you receive the latest issues of your favourite magazines as soon as they're published, without tying up your money in multiple subscriptions. Your standing order benefits the publishers too, by guaranteeing regular sales of each new issue.

All you have to do is list the titles you want to receive on the Order Form, send your current credit statement if you have more than £5 already in credit with BBR, or pay the deposit shown. When each new issue is mailed to you, the catalogue price less 5% is simply deducted from your credit. You get a statement of your credit balance with every mailing, and an automatic reminder if your credit runs low. You can add more titles to your standing order, or request a refund of your balance whenever you like, giving you complete flexibility and security.

Whenever a magazine is available by Standing Order, you'll see the following banner:

Standing Order Available

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