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Issues in Economic and Social Policy in Britain and Korea
edited by Roy Wilkinson

Subject: Economics / Korean Studies / International Relations
Publisher: Sheffield University Management School (UK)

Edition Our Price inc. p&p Status
paperback, A5, 173pp, ISBN 0951898531, 1993 UK: £18.95
Europe: £22.94
USA: £25.14
Elsewhere: £25.89
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Issues in Economic and Social Policy in Britain and Korea cover

Other volumes in the Korea/UK Conference series:

The articles published here are edited versions of papers which were presented at the Fifth Korea/UK Conference, held at the University of Sheffield in 1992. The sessions covered such issues as "Government, Business and Industry", "Income Distribution and Housing", "Social Welfare Policies: The Elderly in Korea and Britain", "Social Welfare Policies: Housing Provision", and "Housing and Taxation", with each session consisting of presentations from the Korean and the British side.

The Korea/Britain Conference Series has now become a firmly established element in the sister relationship which exists between Yonsei University in Seoul and the University of Sheffield, and is an excellent example of the kind of international academic co-operation and exchange which will undoubtedly become a feature of the coming global community of scholarship.

Through the conference series, scholars in cognate areas from two different countries benefit from meeting on a regular basis to discuss similar issues and problems which arise from their ongoing academic research. The relatively small number of participants also means that the issues raised by the papers may be examined, compared, and discussed at some depth.

The edited papers presented in this volume have been revised in the light of the discussions at the conference. It is the hope of the organizers of the Fifth Korea/UK Conference that the readers of this book will benefit as much from reading the papers as did the conference participants who heard them in their original form.


  • Ku-hyun Jung, "Changing Business-Government Relations in a Democratic Korea"
  • Andrew Gamble & Martin Smith, "Government-Industry Relations: The UK Experience"
  • John Norman, John Wilkinson & Roy Wilkinson, "Management Education and Training: Government Provision and the Universities"
  • Hak Un Kim, "Income Inequality and Social Tolerance in Korea"
  • Paul Marshall, "Income Inequality in the UK: A Survey of the Effects of Recent Policies"
  • Hye Kyung Lee, "State Protection for the Elderly in Korea"
  • Alan Walker, "State Protection for the Elderly in Britain"
  • Alan Holmans, "Housing Forecasting Models in Britain"
  • Woo Suh Park, "Private Initiatives in Lower Income Housing Provision: The Korean Case"
  • Alan Holmans, "Housing of Low Income Households in Britain"
  • Tae Kyu Park, "Korea's Housing Tax Policy: Success and Failure"
  • Roy Wilkinson, "Housing Subsidies and the Supply and Price of Housing in Britain: Some Evidence from the Sheffield Study"


  • Andrew Gamble - Professor of Politics, Sheffield University
  • Alan Holmans - Chief Economist, Department of the Environment
  • Ku-hyun Jung - Professor of Business Administration, Yonsei University
  • Hak Un Kim - Professor of Economics, Yonsei University
  • Hye Kyung Lee - Associate Professor, Department of Social Science, Yonsei University
  • Paul Marshall - Senior Lecturer in Economics, Sheffield University
  • John Norman - Professor of Management Studies, Sheffield University
  • Tae Kyu Park - Associate Professor of Economics, Yonsei University
  • Woo Suh Park - Associate Dean, College of Social Science, Yonsei University
  • Martin Smith - Lecturer in Politics, Sheffield University
  • Alan Walker - Professor of Social Policy, Sheffield University
  • John Wilkinson - Research Officer, London Probation Service
  • Roy Wilkinson - Professor of Economics, Sheffield University