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Corporate Governance & Privatisation
edited by Roy Wilkinson & Tae Kyu Park

Subject: Economics / Korean Studies / International Relations
Publisher: Sheffield University Management School (UK)

Edition Our Price inc. p&p Status
paperback, A5, 138pp, ISBN 095189854X, 1996 UK: £18.95
Europe: £22.94
USA: £25.14
Elsewhere: £25.89
in stock

Corporate Governance & Privatisation cover

Other volumes in the Korea/UK Conference series:


  • Mike Wright & Steve Thompson, "Corporate Restructuring, Buy-outs and Corporate Governance"
  • Mike Dietrich & Gavin Kelly, "Stakeholder Strategies and Corporate Governance"
  • Jun-Won Kang, "Determination of Ownership to Maximise Social Welfare in Political Equilibrium after Privatisation"
  • J. Dodgson, "Rail Privatisation in Britain: Changes in Corporate Stucture"
  • Cheong-Keun Wong, "Foreign Direct Investment of Korean Business Firms in the UK"
  • Jan Bielecki & Roy Wilkinson, "Comparative Progress of Corporate Governance in Eastern Europe"
  • Romuald Szuniewicz, "Development in Privatisation and Corporate Governance in Poland in the 1990s"
  • Ku-Hyun Jung, "Ownership and Governance Structure of Korean Business Groups"
  • Kap-Young Jeong, "Public Enterprise and Privatisation Policy in Korea"
  • Seok-Choon Lew, Domination Structure and Capital Accumulation in Contemporary Korea"


  • Jan Bielecki - Director of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Devlopment, and Former Prime Minister of Poland
  • Mike Dietrich - Lecturer in Business Policy, Sheffield University Management School
  • Kap-Young Jeong - Professor of Economics, Yonsei University
  • Ku-Hyun Jung - Professor of Economics, Yonsei University
  • Jun-Won Kang - Senior Research Fellow, POSCO Research Institute
  • Gavin Kelly - Research Student, Political Economy Research Centre, University of Sheffield
  • Seok-Choon Lew - Professor of Economics, Yonsei University
  • Romuald Szuniewicz - Economic Counsellor, Embassy of the Republic of Poland
  • Steve Thompson - Professor of Management, School of Management and Finance, University of Nottingham
  • Roy Wilkinson - Professor of Economics, Sheffield University Management School
  • Cheong-Keun Wong - Professor of Economics, Hankook University
  • Mike Wright - Professor of Finance, School of Management and Finance, University of Nottingham