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The Political Economy of Globalisation & Regionalisation
edited by Roy Wilkinson

Subject: Economics / Korean Studies / International Relations
Publisher: Sheffield University Management School (UK)

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paperback, A5, 194pp, ISBN 0951898558, 1999 UK only: £18.95 in stock

The Political Economy of Globalisation & Regionalisation cover

Other volumes in the Korea/UK Conference series:

This volume contains the papers presented at the Ninth Korea/UK Conference which was held at the University of Sheffield in 1997. The papers have been edited and revised but each represents the author's views as presented at the Conference.

The subject chosen was highly appropriate, first in view of the growing interest of the large corporations of East Asia in Europe in general and the UK in particular; and second, in view of the events unfolding in East Asia which appeared not only to call into question the future of the 'tiger economies' but also to threaten the stablity and performance of economies in the West.

Evenly balanced between East and West, the contributors covered a whole range of issues from the individual concerns of particular economies to the broad trends in the economic and political structure of the World Economy.


  • Jonathan Perraton, "Globalisation and Regionalisation of Economic Activity: Europe and Pacific Asia Compared"
  • Young-Ryeol Park, "Locational Determinants of Korean Foreign Manufacturing Investment"
  • Yong-Doo Cho, "Financing Direct Investment in Europe: The Case of Korean Firms"
  • Wei Zhang, "Competition and Co-operation: Globalisation in a Techno-Economic Framework with Special Reference to the UK and East Asia"
  • Kevin McCormick & Brian McCormick, "Globalisation, Technology Transfer and Human Resource Management: Japanese and Korean Companies in Western Europe"
  • Eui-Soon Shin, "Deregulation and Globalisation of the Korean Energy Industry"
  • Glenn Hook, "Globalisation, East Asian Regionalisation and Japan's Role in East Asia's Interregionalisation"
  • Harvey Armstrong, "The Challenge Facing Regional Policy in the UK"
  • Jongryn Mo, "Globalisation and Regionalisation: New Ideas in South Korean Economic Policy"


  • Harvey Armstrong - Department of Geography, University of Sheffield
  • Yong-Doo Cho - School of East Asian Studies, University of Sheffield
  • Glenn Hook - School of East Asian Studies, University of Sheffield
  • Brian McCormick - Management School, University of Sheffield
  • Kevin McCormick - School of Social Sciences, University of Sussex
  • Jongryn Mo - Department of Politics, Yonsei University
  • Young-Ryeol Park - Management School, Yonsei University
  • Jonathan Perraton - Department of Economics and PERC, University of Sheffield
  • Eui-Soon Shin - Department of Economics, Yonsei University
  • Roy Wilkinson - Management School, University of Sheffield
  • Wei Zhang - School of East Asian Studies, University of Sheffield