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A Catalan Handbook (working with "Digui, digui...")
by Alan Yates & Toni Ibarz

Subject: Catalan / Language
Publisher: Botifarra Publications (UK)

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oversize spiral bound paperback, 288pp, ISBN 0952012707, 1992 N/A out of stock

A Catalan Handbook (working with

Interest in the Catalan language has been increasing since Catalonia achieved political autonomy in the new democratic Spain, and has been greatly boosted by attention focused on Barcelona during the 1992 Olympic Games.

The multi-media Digui, digui... course has established itself as the liveliest and most effective method of initiation to Catalan. A diversity of up-to-date materials combined with flexible approaches places the student confidently on the road to oral proficiency based on a sound awareness of the basics of Catalan grammar.

This Catalan Handbook is devised as an essential companion for the English-speaker wishing to make optimum use of Digui, digui... The original course is now made directly accessible through an approach which caters for the special requirements of students coming to Catalan via English. The Handbook has been composed with both the self-teacher and the classroom user in mind.

Alan Yates is Illes Balears Professor of Catalan Studies at Sheffield University and Toni Ibarz is Lecturer in Modern Languages in the Division of Continuing Education, Sheffield University.