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The History & Philosophy of Medicine & Health: Past, Present, Future
edited by Jan Sundin, Marie Clark Nelson & John Woodward

Subject: History of Medicine
Publisher: EAHMH Publications (UK)

Edition Our Price inc. p&p Status
paperback, x+30pp, ISBN 0952704595, 1998 UK: £7.95
Europe: £10.66
USA: £11.31
Elsewhere: £11.66
in stock

The History & Philosophy of Medicine & Health: Past, Present, Future cover

Other volumes in the EAHMH Research Guide Series:

This volume contains 16 short papers presented by leading scholars at a recent EAHMH workshop, together with the final report and recommendations that arose from that workshop.

Convened to discuss the nature of European co-operation and future research in the history and philosophy of medicine and health, the workshop featured many wide-ranging proposals for furthering both research and education in the field. The papers assess emerging fields of study as well as new approaches to traditional fields, and consider ways to increase and improve study and training across international and interdisciplinary boundaries.


Workshop Report (Jan Sundin & Marie Clark Nelson)

Memoranda for the Workshop

  • Robert Jütte, "Combined Strategies for Establishing a European Graduate School for the History of Medicine and Health"
  • Daniel M. Fox, "How Research on Contemporary History Can Inform Health Policy"
  • Patrice Bourdelais, "History of Epidemics, Groups at Risk and Dynamics of Decision-making"
  • Elizabeth Fee, "Essential Questions for the History and Philosophy of Medicine and Health"
  • W.F. Bynum, "Thoughts on the Åtvidaberg Workshop"
  • Esteban Rodriguez Ocaña, "On the Usefulness of the History of Medicine and Health"
  • Claudine Herzlich, "The Sociology of Health, Illness and Medicine"
  • Jane Lewis, "The Social History of Medicine and Social Policy"
  • Guenter Risse, "Hospital History"
  • Lars-Göran Tedebrand, "The History and Philosophy of Medicine and Health: Past, Present and Future"
  • Ulrich Tröhler, "Proposal for a Comparative European Research Programme: The Cost of Health 1800-2000"
  • Lennart Nordenfelt, "The Historical Evolution of Health Concepts and of Principles for Resource Allocation in Health Care"
  • Alex Mauron, "'Genome Talk': the Human Genome as an Object of Science, Metaphysics, History and Ideology"
  • Wim Dekkers, "Towards a History of Modern Health Care Ethics"
  • Godelieve van Heteren, "Towards a Comparative Study of the Moral and Political Economy of Modern Medicine"
  • K.W.M. Fulford, "Co-operation between Philosophy and History in Health Care: Methodological and Practical Issues"