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Language, Culture and Translation
edited by James Huntley Grayson & Agnita Tennant

Subject: Contemporary Literature / Korean Studies
Publisher: Centre for Korean Studies, University of Sheffield (UK)

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hardback, 128pp, ISBN 0953654508, 1999 N/A out of stock

Language, Culture and Translation cover

An examination of the problems of the translation and promotion of modern and contemporary Korean literature placed in the broader context of the heightened interest in the literatures of East Asia.

Based on material first presented at the "Global Society and East Asian Literature" symposium in Sheffield, UK, in December 1997, this edited volume includes papers by the world's leading translators of Korean Literature into English:

  • Brother Anthony of Taizé
  • Bruce Fulton
  • Ju-Chan Fulton
  • David R. McCann
  • Edward W. Poitras
  • Kevin O'Rourke