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Believing in Nothing and Something
by Geoff Heath

Subject: Humanism / Philosophy
Publisher: Bowland Press (UK)

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first edition trade paperback, 144pp p/b, ISBN 0954422104, 2003 N/A out of stock

Believing in Nothing and Something cover

    Geoff Heath writes in a flowing, engaging style and draws on an impressive range of contemporary sources which are cleverly interwoven with personal narratives. It is clear that writing this book has been a thought-provoking, and at times, disturbing, experience. It will appeal to anyone interested in applying philosophy to their own values and beliefs, but beware – it is likely to challenge you!
    Dr Robert Shaw, author of The Embodied Psychotherapist
    Whilst it rejects key categories of traditional religion, and refuses to take refuge in a vague post-religious spirituality, this passionate book is not an example of simplistic reductionism. Rather it is an invitation to join the author in continuing to wrestle honestly with the contingency and surprise of life as a human being.
    Paul Weller, Professor of Inter-Religious Relations, University of Derby

"There is no truth sure enough to justify persecution" – John Milton

Beliefs and values have erupted into a high level of public awareness following the destruction of the Twin Towers on 9/11 and the hostile accusations of heresy made against the beliefs of the new Archbishop of Canterbury and of the Chief Rabbi. When beliefs are mistaken for certainties they sometimes result in the desire to kill, or to destroy the reputations of those who believe differently.

Beliefs are, however, central to our human be-ing whether we are religious or humanist. They define our sense of self and our attitudes to others. Beliefs are the source of our agency in the world.

So what do humanists believe and what are their values? This book explores a contemporary humanist approach and presents views which are a positive invitation to both scepticism and debate.

The author
Geoff Heath FRSA was Principal Lecturer in Counselling and Human Relations at the University of Derby. He has taught in all aspects of education from primary to higher, and has led county and regional courses in counselling, training for trainers, supervision and performance appraisal. He was for some years a visiting lecturer at Homerton College, University of Cambridge, and External Examiner for the Advanced Diploma in Counselling and Careers Guidance at that university. He is currently a freelance academic and writer.