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3SF cover


Subject: Science Fiction / Fantasy
Category: Magazine
Country of Origin: UK

There are readers who know that short stories are the ideas powerhouse of SF, and there are those that think the genre stops and starts at the TV or cinema screen. 3SF closes the gap.

Edited by Liz Holliday, the core of 3SF is the best original SF and fantasy, whether it's from established big names, up-and-comers, or totally new voices. At the same time it brings a sharp and enticing blend of features, headed by a book reviews column by Gwyneth Jones, US coverage by Rich Horton, incisive media reviews and quirky coverage by Alex Stewart, and revealing interviews by Liz Holliday. For the writers among our readers there are interviews and a regular advice column from Christy Hardin Smith, and each issue has a little something for those already actively involved in fandom. Finally, it's all wrapped up in a stylish design that makes 3SF the must-have magazine for the discerning reader.

Issues available: Our Price inc. p&p Status

Fiction by Jonathon M. Sullivan, Colin Greenland, Ian Watson, Karen J.H. Thistle, Cherith Baldry, Elizabeth Counihan, and Liz Williams, plus interviews with S.M. Stirling and Tim Powers (A4, 76pp) N/A out of stock

Fiction by James Van Pelt, Joe Haldeman, David Langford, Vaughan Stanger, Paul E. Martens, Gene Wolfe, Greg Beatty, Gus Smith, Sabine Furlong, John Aegard, and Colin P. Davies, plus interviews with Joe Haldemann and Robin Hobb (A4, 76pp) N/A out of stock

Fiction by Jay Lake, Sharon Lee & Steve Miller, Marion Pitman, Mary Soon Lee, Lawrence Watt-Evans, Cherith Baldry, and Richard Parks, plus interviews with Ian McDonald and George R.R. Martin (A4, 76pp) N/A out of stock