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Binding Energy
by Daniel Marcus

Subject: Science Fiction
Publisher: Elastic Press (UK)

Edition Our Price inc. p&p Status
first edition paperback, A5, 216pp, ISBN 0955318165, 2008 N/A out of print

Binding Energy cover

    Love stories, every one. Dan Marcus knows the shape and sound of tomorrow. Indeed, like Stross and Doctorow, he is one of its most literate˙creators. Seeing his edgy stories together, we discover that he's˙been working ancient ground with modern tools. This remarkable˙first collection from a veteran author is a treasure for readers.
    Terry Bisson
    This is Science Fiction of the highest level. The stores ring with authenticity. The language is sharp and funny and unflinching. The science crackles. The characters are you and me: bold, lost, loving, haunted. Marcus writes with an apocalyptic vision and a humanist's heart.
    Michael Blumlein

In these nineteen stories Marcus maps out possible futures and theoretical pasts, crisscrossing reality with fantasy, and weaving intricate storylines in the process. His characters are frightened and fragile, facing brave new worlds whilst retaining their humanity. If you want to know what the future really looks like, then look here.