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Abaddon cover


Subject: Science Fiction / Fantasy / Horror / Speculative Fiction
Category: Magazine
Country of Origin: Australia

The focus of Abaddon is on works that use the fantastic to illuminate aspects of our contemporary experience. And it takes 'fantastic' in the widest sense of the word: allegory, SF, fantasy, myth, satire, magic realism, speculative fiction, surrealism, the impossible, the strange, the monstrous and the absurd. It leans towards the fringe and the experimental, looking for readable, challenging and well-written fiction and non-fiction.

Issues available: Our Price inc. p&p Status

Fiction by Virginia O'Carrick, Doa Karan, Ned Matijasevic, and Holly Day, plus an interview with Damian Broderick, a psychogeographical tour of Melbourne, and Poe's problems with women (204x255mm, 56pp) N/A out of print

Fiction by Lyn McConchie, John Kilbey, Symon Brando, and Geoffrey Maloney, plus an interview with and appreciation of Jack Dann, and Hamish Ford on the megalomaniac logic of the Event Film (204x255mm, 56pp) N/A out of print

Fiction by Reno Nevada, Symon Brando, Graeme Ussher, and Annik Hovac, plus Borges on Bradbury's Martian Chronicles, Hamish Ford on parallels between Star Trek and Homer's Odyssey, Elisabeth Powell on Milan Kundera's Identity, and Ann Finegan on the computer art of David Haines (204x255mm, 56pp) N/A out of print