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Angel Body and other Magic for the Soul
edited by Chris Reed & David Memmott

Subject: Science Fiction / Speculative Fiction
Publisher: Back Brain Recluse (UK)

Edition Our Price inc. p&p Status
first edition trade paperback, 192pp, ISBN 1872588050, 2002 UK only: £9.95 in stock

Angel Body and other Magic for the Soul cover

    ... the amazing Angel Body ... many [of the] stories swing for the fences (and more often than not, hit the ball out of the park) ... Speculative fiction at its unapologetic best, a crucial testament that this field is anything but fallow.
    Rain Taxi, Fall 2003
    What do you get when you combine the editorial genius of Back Brain Recluse's Chris Reed with that of Wordcraft's David Memmott? Only one of the best original anthologies of the year.
    Paul Di Filippo, Asimov's SF, August 2003
    Book of the issue ... an exceptionally fine selection, combining insight into human personalities and motives with red-hot and inspiring ideas ... a quilt of creative genius: no other anthology in the past few years has packed so much originality between its covers.
    Albedo 1 #27

For the past twenty years the American small press Wordcraft of Oregon has built up a stable of authors that reads like a speculative fiction who's who. Many have gone on to be widely published, or be acclaimed as winners or nominees of major literary prizes including the Pushcart, Rhysling, Readercon, Philip K. Dick, Arthur C. Clarke and Stoker awards.

Now twenty-five writers, artists and poets from the Wordcraft stable have come together in a major new anthology in celebration of this US publisher's achievements. From Chicano bioterrorists to restless vampires, supermodel wannabes to singing angels, each piece in this collection takes the reader into uncharted territory as only the best speculative fiction can.

"Wordcraft is doing exactly what a small/alternative press should be doing: putting into print literate, innovative fiction that falls outside the commercial norm, from writers who are trying interesting things in intelligent ways."
-Steve Moore, Dalkey Archive Press


  • Thomas E. Kennedy: 'Angel Body'
  • Don Webb: 'Afterward'
  • Andrew Darlington: 'Metamorphosis at the End of Time'
  • Lance Olsen: 'Moving'
  • Brian Evenson: 'Lupe Varga, Deceased'
  • Lee Ballentine: 'White Vibrations' (poem)
  • Thomas Wiloch: 'Tell Me I'm Wrong' and 'Floating'
  • Nathan Whiting: 'The Rope Dress' (poem)
  • Ernest Hogan: 'Burrito Meltdown'
  • Andi and Lance Olsen: 'Sewing Shut My Eyes'
  • Scott Edelman: 'Choosing Time'
  • Steve Sneyd: 'They Always Think They Know' (poem)
  • Dan Raphael: 'City Gathers in the Drain' (poem)
  • W. Gregory Stewart: 'Sufferer'
  • Mark Rich: 'Festival of the River'
  • Tom Whalen: 'Concerning the Vampire'
  • Lorraine Schein: 'Frida Kahlo, Pierced by Time'
  • Mark Bilokur: 'Poem Without Words #3'
  • Sandra Lindow: 'Doll House' (poem)
  • John Noto: 'Buzz Bomb: Lost Angel' (poem)
  • Misha Nogha: 'The Carnelian Cat'
  • Denise Dumars: 'Stained Glass'
  • Conger Beasley Jr: 'The Man Who Adopted Dead Children'
  • Bruce Boston: 'By the Dawn's Early Light'
  • plus illustrations by Richard A. Schindler

Angel Body is #24 in the Back Brain Recluse sequence, and #26 in the Wordcraft Speculative Writers Series – see the Back Brain Recluse website for background information and excerpts from the book.

Please note: US customers may prefer to order in dollars direct from Wordcraft of Oregon.