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by Alastair G. Gunn

Subject: Horror
Publisher: Enigmatic Press (UK)

Edition Our Price inc. p&p Status
Enigmatic Variations: first edition trade paperback, 76pp, ISBN 0953747662, 2000 N/A out of print

Ballymoon cover

Traditional ghost stories in the style of M.R. James and E.F. Benson are always a treat to savour, usually taken at a slow pace of reading. A glass of something warming near at hand, the shrill shrieks of the wind outside, diversions from the pleasures of reading stories where the characters have room to breathe and the atmosphere develop.

These debut stories by Alastair G. Gunn, an astrophysicist by day (and by night), are a delight. Regularly writing extensively on popular science and astronomy, he has written many stories with a supernatural theme. Enigmatic Press are proud to introduce him to a willing audience of ghost story readers.