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Bizarrism: Strange Lives, Cults and Celebrated Lunacy
by Chris Mikul

Subject: Marginalia
Publisher: Headpress Critical Vision (UK)

Recommended for adult readers only

Edition Our Price inc. p&p Status
trade paperback, 160pp, ISBN 1900486067, 1998 N/A out of stock

Bizarrism: Strange Lives, Cults and Celebrated Lunacy cover

"I am going because I would have no peace if I stayed"

So said Donald Crowhurst, 36-year-old owner of a small electronics firm in Somerset, as he set sail on an intended single-handed, non-stop, round-the-world voyage in a boat he himself had made. In the middle of the Sargasso Sea, his boat falling to pieces, he had an idea...

When Chris Mikul first heard the curious tale of Donald Crowhurst in the early 1980s, it inspired him to begin collating information and writing about other strange lives, eccentrics, and "beacons of shining if erratic brilliance in a world of sensible conformity". This book is the end result, a series of fascinating essays which chronicle a diverse spectrum of real people whose lives have been governed by inner voices, sexual aversions, bovver, interplanetary heroics, and UFO magazines.

From lesbian vampires and death cults, through to lobster boys and the anonymous pamphleteer of "DRUGS VIRUS GERMS" Bizarrism has them all...