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Cigarette Boy
by Darick Chamberlin

Subject: Speculative Fiction
Publisher: Darick Chamberlin (USA)

Edition Our Price inc. p&p Status
A5, spiral bound, 84pp, 1991 UK: £9.00
Europe: £12.99
USA: £15.19
Elsewhere: £15.94
in stock

Cigarette Boy cover

Eighty-four pages of unparagraphed uppercase text is a hard nut to crack, especially when at first glance it resembles a computer data dump. Few people will probably bother to delve any deeper, but those who do will be rewarded by a novel of corporate war in an unspecified future laced with Chamberlin's wild language and uncanny neologisms. View it as a hybrid of cyberpunk and New Wave formal experimentalism if you wish, but whereas so much recent 'radical postmodernism' has been little more than a tired retread of its sources, Cigarette Boy represents a glowing leap forward in speculative fiction.