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Palace Corbie cover

Palace Corbie

Subject: Horror
Category: Magazine
Country of Origin: USA

Palace Corbie is a fiction anthology of uncommon variety. Loosely based upon the theme of "personal terror", the stories you will read here admit the weaknesses in us all, and at the same time show that there is no level of emotion or action to which we cannot move. Here there are no excuses, there is no reprieve. Anything can happen. Come to the Palace and drink from the fountain of fear and deliverance.

    Consistently well-written stories and poems
    Ellen Datlow
    One of the few horror zines we get that is actually scary
    Jerod Pore, Factsheet Five

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Fiction by Gemma Files, Ron Dionne, Mark McLaughlin, Douglas Clegg, Steve Rasnic Tem, D.F. Lewis, Brian Hodge, Joe Hill, Steve Proposch, Margaret B. Simon, Elizabeth Engstrom, John Marshall, John Pelan, Charlee Jacob, Trey R. Barker, Yvonne Navarro, Michael A. Arnzen, William Relling Jr, Edo van Belkom, J.N. Williamson, S. Darnbrook Colson, Lisa Lepovetsky, Bentley Little, and Edward Lee & John Pelan; poetry by John Grey, Charlee Jacob, John Benson & Tina Reigel, Holly Day, William F. Nolan, Nathan Whiting, James S. Dorr, and Denise Dumars (A5, 330pp p/b) N/A out of print

Fiction by Mark Rich, Sue Storm, Cindie Geddes, James S. Dorr, Andrea J. Horlick, Mark McLaughlin, Gemma Files, Margaret Simon & D.F. Lewis, Amy Hembree, Anke Kriske, K.K. Ormond, John Marshall, Edward Lee, Michael Hemmingson, D.F. Lewis, John Maclay, Jasmine Sailing, Charlee Jacob, Sean Doolittle, Yvonne Navarro; poetry by Holly Day, Charlee Jacob, John Benson & Tina Reigel, Bob Cook, John Grey, and Steve Proposch (A5, 217pp p/b) UK: £6.95
Europe: £10.94
USA: £13.14
Elsewhere: £13.89
in stock

Fiction by Egreund Slye, William Andrew, Sean Doolittle, K.K. Ormond, Douglas Clegg, John Marshall, Norman Partridge, D.F. Lewis, Ron Dionne, Wayne Allen Sallee, Charlee Jacob, Yvonne Navarro, Edo van Belkom, Gregory L. Norris & Kimberly Wade, David Schindler, J.N. Williamson, Bruce Boston, Deidra Cox, D.F. Lewis & M.B. Simon, Sue Storm, Gemma Files, and Michael A. Arnzen; poetry by Sheila E. Murphy, James S. Dorr, Holly Day, Karen Verba, Jonathan Yungkans, C.C. Elle, Edward Mycue, Bobbi Sinha, Jacie Ragan, Andre Scheluchin, John Grey, John Benson & Tina Reigel, Charlee Jacob, Yael R. Dragwyla, Bob Cook, Maria A. Vega, Denise Dumars, William Kopecky, and Richard L. Levesque (A5, 227pp p/b) UK: £7.50
Europe: £11.49
USA: £13.69
Elsewhere: £14.44
in stock

Fiction by Bentley Little, Frank Hart, D.F. Lewis, Edward Lee & Elizabeth Steffen, Sean Doolittle, Wayne Allen Sallee, K.K. Ormond, S. Darnbrook Colson, Matthew Duncan, Charles M. Saplak, Lucy Taylor, Elizabeth Massie, John Mattera, Gregory G. Nyman, Charlee Jacob, Marge Simon, and Deidra Cox; poetry by Wayne Allen Sallee, Richard L. Levesque, Andre Scheluchin, Lorrie Beaver Levesque, Marge Simon, Michael A. Arnzen, Steve Sneyd, Holly Day, Bob Cook, and Charlee Jacob (A5, 200pp p/b) N/A out of print