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Crimewave cover


Subject: Crime
Category: Magazine
Country of Origin: UK (NSFA)

The crime fiction genre is broader in scope than any other – humour, horror, satire, escapism, human psychology and modern society are all encompassed in crime fiction – and Crimewave publishes the very best stories from across the spectrum, from the misnamed 'cozy' to the deceptively subtle hardboiled.

The short story has always been the laboratory and the engine room of crime fiction, with many highly successful crime novelists making time to work in the short form. Every issue of Crimewave contains stories by authors who are household names in the crime fiction world, but also finds room for lesser-known writers who have something new to say, or a new way of telling old truths.

In short, modern crime fiction is modern fiction ... and Crimewave is crime fiction.

    Head and shoulders above every other mystery magazine, in look, content and tone
    Ellen Datlow
    Offers the best in cutting edge crime fiction and delivers it in a sleek, slick package that is a pleasure to see and hold
    Ed Gorman

Issues available: Our Price inc. p&p Status

Ghosts: Fiction by Dave Hoing, Nina Allan, Christopher Fowler, Mikal Trimm, Richard Butner, Cheryl Wood Ruggiero, Ilsa J. Bick, Cody Goodfellow, O'Neil De Noux, Steve Rasnic Tem, Alison Littlewood, Joel Lane, and Luke Sholer (trade paperback, 240pp, ISBN 0955368340) N/A out of stock

Now You See Me: Fiction by Steve Rasnic Tem, Joel Lane, Mike Scully, Lisa Morton, Murray Shelmerdine, Simon Avery, Nicholas Stephen Proctor, Alex Irvine, Charlie Williams, Darren Speegle, Kay Sexton, and Daniel Kaysen (A5, 160pp p/b, ISBN 0955368324) N/A out of print

Transgressions: Fiction by Shelley Costa, Mick Scully, Gary W. Shockley, Ron Savage, Susan Overcash Walker, Scott William Carter, Daniel Bennett, Ian R. Faulkner, Robert Weston, Kevin Prufer, Scott Nicholson, and John Shirley (A5, 160pp p/b, ISBN 0955368308) N/A out of stock

Cold Harbours: Fiction by Ron Savage, Susan Fry, Joel Lane, Stephen Volk, Scott Nicholson, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Tom Brennan, Michelle Scalise, Luke Sholer, Joe Hill, Darren Speegle, Ian R. Faulkner & Simon Avery, Jay Caselberg, Steve Rasnic Tem, Steve Mohn, Ryan G. Van Cleave, and Andrew Humphrey (B5, 164pp p/b) N/A out of stock

The Last Sunset: Fiction by Gary Couzens, Mat Coward, Debbie Moon, Antony Mann, Stephen Volk, John Grant, Muriel Gray, Steve Mohn, Marion Arnott, James Sallis, Ray Nayler, Christopher Fowler, and Tim Casson (B5, 180pp p/b, ISBN 0952694786) N/A out of print

Breaking Point: Fiction by Marion Arnott, Ryan van Cleve, Mat Coward, Shelley Costa, Martin Edwards, Gary Couzens, Simon Avery, Tim Lees, Steve Rasnic Tem, Conrad Williams, and Barry Fishler (B5, 132pp p/b, ISBN 0952694778) N/A out of print

Dark Before Dawn: Fiction by Sean Doolittle, Antony Mann, Brady Allen, Shelley Costa, Jason Gould, Michel Faber, Andrew Humphrey, Tim Casson, Ceri Jordan, and Christopher Fowler (B5, 132pp p/b, ISBN 0952694751) N/A out of print

Mood Indigo: Fiction by Brian Hodge, Sean Doolittle, Marion Arnott, Antony Mann, Sten Westgard, Shelley Costa, Ray Nayler, Cliff Burns, Chaz Brenchley, Susan Snode, and Simon Avery (B5, 132pp p/b, ISBN 0952694743) N/A out of print

Burning Down the House: Fiction by Chaz Brenchley, John Moralee, Lev Raphael, Patricia Tyrrell, James Lovegrove, Ceri Jordan, Peter Crowther, Paul Marshall, Garrett Russell, Martin Simpson, Tom Piccirilli, Antony Mann, and Sten Westgard (B5, 132pp p/b, ISBN 0952694735) N/A out of print

Deepest Red: Fiction by Peter Crowther, Molly Brown, Simon Morse, Ian Rankin, Tom Piccirilli, Michael Z. Lewin, Alan Austin, Mike O'Driscoll, Martin Edwards, John Moralee, Steve Rasnic Tem, Antony Mann, Margaret Walker, and S.J. Gilpin (B5, 128pp p/b, ISBN 0952694727) N/A out of print

Fiction by Julian Rathbone, Ian Rankin, Jerry Sykes, O'Neil De Noux, Maureen O'Brien, John Moralee, and Martin Simpson (B5, 60pp) N/A out of print