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Enigmatic Tales cover

Enigmatic Tales

Subject: Horror
Category: Magazine
Country of Origin: UK

Supernatural ghost and horror stories by new and established authors, plus reprints of rare tales from the past. All styles are considered, with quality the key – the intention is to produce a quarterly anthology of quality fiction rather than a magazine.

Issues available: Our Price inc. p&p Status

Fiction by John Pelan, Chad Hensley, Laura Elvin, Kurt Newton, James S. Dorr, Andria Cooke, Lauren Halkon, Mark West, Iain Maynard, George R. Sims, John Shire, Trevor Denyer, Gary Greenwood, Thomas Denny, Mayra Calvani Eyuboglu, Joan Board, Mark Samuels, Alan Austin, Clive Pemberton, and Chris Butler (A5, 192pp) N/A out of print

Fiction by Mrs S.G.C. Middlemore, Rick Kennett, D.J. Tyrer, Sarah Singleton, Katherine Haynes, James Doig, Peter Tennant, Alec Worley, David Price, Paul Marshall, Peter J. Wilson, Anthony Mann, Peter Wykes, Gordon Lewis & D.F. Lewis, Andria J. Cooke, and John Pelan (A5, 172pp p/b) N/A out of print

Fiction by Tim Lebbon, Nigel Brown, Peter Tennant, Walt Jarvis, Lauren Halkon, Jesse F. Knight, Kay Fletcher, Quentin S. Crisp, James Doig, Larry Blazek, Kevin L. Donihe, Alec Worley, Matthew Banks, Alan Austin, Paul Marshall, Peter J. Wilson, Mark West, Adrian Brown, and J. Dyott Matthews, plus a free 28pp chapbook containing "A Letter to Lovecraft" by Peter Tennant, winner of the Enigmatic Story of the Year 1998/99 (A5, 156pp p/b) N/A out of print

Fiction by J.A.C. Shire, Colin Mackay, Steve Redwood, R.J. Krijnen-Kemp, Derek M. Fox & John B. Ford, Steven Lockley, Rhys Hughes, Ash Miller, Christopher Hivner, John Light, Richard Reeve, Joe Rattigan, Philip Murray, Mark Nicholls, Jack Fisher, Paul Kane, Simon Logan, and A.M. Burrage (A5, 152pp p/b) N/A out of print

Fiction by H.W.F. Tatham, Paul Walther, Peter Tennant, David Christopher, Katherine Haynes, Carole Tyrrell, Paul Finch, Pamela Stuart, John Saxton, Michael Pendragon, Paul Bradshaw, Dale J. Nelson, Francis C. Prevot, Lauren Halkon, and Steve Savile (A5, 144pp p/b) N/A out of print

Fiction by Andrew Vachss, Mark Leon Collins, Dick Donovan, Joan Board, Sarah Singleton, Colin Pink, Hunter Seitz, Alan Austin, Simon Bestwick, Paul Finch, Chris Fox, Ian Hunter, and L.H. Maynard & M.P.N. Sims (A5, 124pp p/b) UK: £3.00
Europe: £5.76
USA: £6.81
Elsewhere: £7.26
in stock (out of print with publisher)

Fiction by Jesse F. Knight, Katherine Haynes, Zita Inez Ponder, Tina Ruth, D.F. Lewis & Gordon Lewis, Paul Marshall, Jules Verne, Paul Walther, Michael Pendragon, Deborah Maudlin, Stuart Young, James Doig, Martin Owton, Peter Wykes, Mark McLaughlin, Rick Kennett & A.F. Kidd, and Cardinal Cox (A5, 124pp p/b) N/A out of print

Fiction by A.F. Kidd, Walter D. Dobell, Peter Tennant, Martyn Prince, Geoffery Warburton, B.M. Croker, Paul Joyce, Nigel Brown, David Cowdall, Paul Finch, David Christopher, Trevor Denyer, Gerald Gaubert, Robert Emmett Murphy Jr, and Chris Fox (A5, 120pp p/b) N/A out of print

Fiction by Rhys Hughes, R.E. Vernede, Allison Cologna, Simon Bestwick, Colin Pink, Nellie K. Blissett, Paul Finch, Alan Austin, John Davis, and L.H. Maynard & M.P.N. Sims, and poetry by Steve Sneyd (A5, 104pp p/b) N/A out of print

Fiction by Bernard Capes, Howard Pease, Allison Cologna, Paul Bradshaw, Simon Bestwick, Nigel Brown, John B. Ford, Paul Finch, David Price, and L.H. Maynard & M.P.N. Sims (A5, 84pp p/b) N/A out of print