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The Ephemera
by Neil Williamson

Subject: Fantasy / Speculative Fiction
Publisher: Elastic Press (UK)

Edition Our Price inc. p&p Status
first edition paperback, A5, 217pp p/b, ISBN 0954881265, 2006 N/A out of print

The Ephemera cover

    Emotionally complex and displaying a keen eye for detail, the stories in Neil Williamson's collection The Ephemera are a rich and rewarding read from a stylish new Scottish talent
    Jeff VanderMeer
    Subtle, evocative and compelling, The Ephemera is a collection that shines with reflection and intelligence
    Liz Williams

Neil Williamson's collection of bittersweet tales features fourteen stories of impermanence: from the ends of love affairs and the brief sanity of wartime convalescence, to the fading away of old languages and the dying of humanity itself.

An artist communicates solely through a bizarre mosaic, a father and his dying daughter seek hope in plague-ridden Scotland, a London pensioner's existence is inextricably bound to that of his pet canary, and in the jungles of Borneo a criminal searches for his missing son hoping for reconciliation before the end of the world.