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Eye cover


Subject: Marginalia
Category: Magazine
Country of Origin: USA

Remember Lost in Space? Amused by bad art and weird music? Intrigued by controversy? Wary of corporate control? EYE spans both extremes.

Vital articles connect readers with little-known oddities from vintage TV; bizarre or disturbing trends in technology; the inside dope on drugs; odd trends and odder personalities in B-movies; pernicious conspiracies; outlandish atrocities, weird science; fond reminiscences and timely updates on retro toys; and investigations into outlandish media. Add in strange international news and reviews of video, audio, and reading worth seeking out – or best to avoid. And it's all bundled into a big, glossy, colouring-book format published six times a year.

Informative, fearless, provocative – EYE is where the past, present and future – and you – connect.

    Incredible articles that are way better than what you'd find in most super-slick newsstand magazines
    Factsheet Five
    Feed your head with paranoia-inducing data from this Burroughsian mélange of trash culture. Nicely substantial

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The growing cult status of Turkish rip-offs of Hollywood movies; the stories and legends surrounding the 'monsters' of North American lakes; the archives, belongings and personal effects of William Burroughs; and allegations of federal input into popular TV scripts (A4, 96pp) N/A out of print

The growing number of young women taking up adult film work as an occupation – and the price they're paying for it; going inside the O.T.O. religion once headed by Aleister Crowley; and seeing what happens to cats and dogs in animal shelters (A4, 96pp) N/A out of print

Exploring the forces behind the increasing spate of natural disasters, talking to Libertarian Socialist Bill White, investigating short wave 'numbers' stations and online death fetish sites, and bringing an update on American Liberty Currency, the alternative to the traditional dollar bill (A4, 80pp) N/A out of print

Investigating the life of pulp novellist David Goodis, hearing the darkest voices of the environmental movement, seeing bedroom DJs as the new breed of garage band, and talking to Front Line Assembly's Bill Leeb (A4, 80pp) N/A out of print

A tribute to Screaming Lord Sutch, interviews with Genesis P-Orridge, cult Canadian comics artist Julie Doucet, and controversial author Michael Moynihan, how to set up your own crime-scene clean-up company, and the story of prolific pre-War pamphleteer E. Haldeman-Julius (A4, 80pp) N/A out of print

Featuring an interview with B-movie queen Julie Strain, revealing the outsider art of Henry Darger, and telling the story of the Scopitone – a 1960s forerunner of the video jukebox, as well as looking back over ten years of the Mystery Science Theatre 3000, and investigating whether the Oklahoma City bombing investigation has been a whitewash (A4, 64pp) N/A out of print

Articles on Italian pornstar-turned-politician La Cicciolina, the return of 1960s proto-punk band The Monks, and a Thai woman who adopts abused elephants, as well as reminiscing with teen film revivalist John Hughes and investigating a legal alternative to the Federal Reserve note (A4, 64pp) N/A out of print

Articles on 8-track tapes, the US security industry, the truth about Alcoholics Anonymous, serial killer letters, and the UN and the drug war, plus profiles of the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus and author Peter Sotos (A4, 64pp) N/A out of print

Articles on Daemon Records, life in a dwarf bar, radical '60s theatre, millennium hysteria, Unabomber fans, and B-movie master Sidney Pink (A4, 64pp) N/A out of print

Articles on macabre collectables, coincidences, train-hyping, biker gangs, experimental jazz, hot wax, and space music, plus an interview with Sex Pistols photographer Dennis Morris (A4, 64pp) N/A out of print

Articles on the mysteries of Lake Espantosa in Texas, the history of mayonnaise in American deli culture, the insanity of asset forfeiture, and the new art form of skinhanging, plus a full range of kitch, cool stuff and underground news (A4, 60pp) N/A out of print

Articles on minority filmmakers in Hollywood, cockfighting in the Philippines, erotic film director Radley Metzger, and The Lion King's debt to 60s cartoon Kimba the White Lion, plus an interview with Herbal X king Sean Shayan, and a full range of kitch, cool stuff and underground news (A4, 60pp) N/A out of print

Articles on Brazilian blonde bombshell Xuxa, auto-erotic asphixiation, Freemasons and the apocalypse, Asian candy, and Mexican cult icon El Santo, plus and interview with musical genius Eugene Chadbourne (A4, 60pp) N/A out of print

Articles on acid rain, snow globe collecting, genital warts, pet food nightmares, guttervision, ant farms, and hackers: terrorists or hype? (A4, 60pp) N/A out of print

Club drug GHB, Sea-Monkeys, abominable snowmen, an interview with a Canadian cult leader, and a gallery of artist Louis Orr's work (A4, 52pp) N/A out of print