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Faith in the Flesh
by Tim Lebbon

Subject: Horror
Publisher: RazorBlade Press (UK)

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first edition trade paperback, 144pp, ISBN 0953146847, 1998 N/A out of stock

Faith in the Flesh cover

    There is nowhere to hide in this book. Nowhere to catch your breath. Nowhere to duck out of the literary storm conjured up by Lebbon
    Peter Crowther
    Tim Lebbon's consistently first-rate stories crackle with invention and surprises galore, then they drag you by the scruff of your neck to confront the darkest of demons
    Simon Clark

Two new horror novellas from the BFS-shortlisted Lebbon, with an introduction by Pete Crowther. Set during an unspecified war, "The First Law" describes how a group of ship-wreck survivors who land on a deserted tropical island think their prayers have been answered, but nothing could be further from the truth, while "From Bad Flesh" charts a dying man's desperate race against time as he searches for a cure for the plague that's brought civilisation to its knees.