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Flyscraper / Toxic Shock Syndrome
by Mark Romyn & Carolina Vegas Starr

Subject: Speculative Fiction / Contemporary Literature
Publisher: Permeable Press (USA)

Edition Our Price inc. p&p Status
"Pocket Rocket": first edition mini-paperback, 104pp, ISBN 1882633172, 1996 N/A out of print

Flyscraper / Toxic Shock Syndrome cover

Mark Romyn's Flyscraper is heart-stopping, tongue-clumping, knuckle-biting excitement! See the giant flyman punch a city! Hear the voice of a nation cry out in annoyance! Feel the savage forbidden love of darkest Switzerland!

Presented in an upside-down-and-back-to-back format with Toxic Shock Syndrome by Carolina Vegas Starr, in which evil schemes cook in Washington while women mysteriously die all across America. Is this some sadistic plot to annihilate the entire female race or just bad talk show material? The drama unfolds as detective Caroline Rider and a housewife named Katrina investigate the phenomenon and uncover secret government plans that trumpet, "If you're not a man, you're shit!" When random shooting sprees begin to get costly, the boys in the White House resort to infecting women with the bacteria that cause toxic shock syndrome.