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by Lance Olsen

Subject: Speculative Fiction / Contemporary Literature
Publisher: Wordcraft of Oregon (USA)

Edition Our Price inc. p&p Status
first edition trade paperback, 258pp, ISBN 187765535X, 2000 UK: £9.95
Europe: £13.94
USA: £16.14
Elsewhere: £16.89
in stock

Freaknest cover

    For all its surface weirdness, Freaknest is a naif's tale, in the tradition of an innocent, orphaned Oliver Twist asking for a little more fod/love/humanity while being brutalized by a world beyond his comprehension. Olsen is one of those rare birds who is both a lit professor and an honest-to-god writer.
    Richard Kadrey, WIRED
    Freaknest is the sort of book we all want to write/read. It has the careful speculative world building of a Bruce Sterling, the horror and comedy of William S. Burroughs, and the adventures and great characters of an Alfred Bester.
    Don Webb
    In this disorienting maglev ride of a novel -- imagine a multidimensional rail and an ever melting and self-reconfiguring train -- a day-after-tomorrow world of great strangeness and cruelty comes stingingly to life. Rykki is a character who will break your heart, even as you discover analogs for her in our present-day realities. In any case, take the ride and jolt your personal sensorium.
    Michael Bishop, Nebula Award Winner

Feral children. Illicit nano-drugs. False memories. Televisual consciousness. A Dickensian 2023 London in extremis. Just another day in Lance Olsen's imagination...