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Gestaltmacher, Gestaltmacher, Make Me a Gestalt
by Steve Sneyd

Subject: Science Fiction / Poetry
Publisher: The Four Quarters Press (UK)

Edition Our Price inc. p&p Status
first edition trade paperback, 82pp, ISBN 0953511324, 2000 N/A out of print

Gestaltmacher, Gestaltmacher, Make Me a Gestalt cover

It has been said that the Universe is not only stranger than we imagine, it's stranger than we can imagine. Steve Sneyd, throughout his years as a poet, has seen it as an essential part of his work to make joyous contact with that impossible strangeness across past, present and future and bring back valid essence of what he has encountered for readers to share.

Ian McMillan, in his Foreword, says of this book: "It's a walk with Steve from his house to the edge of the universe and beyond", in which you'll find "poems that explore inner space, outer space, and the sort of space that you might find in your own back garden ... I heartily recommend this map of Steve Sneyd. Enjoy!"