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Ghastly Terror! The Horrible Story of the Horror Comics
by Stephen Sennitt

Subject: Comics / Marginalia
Publisher: Headpress Critical Vision (UK)

Recommended for adult readers only

Edition Our Price inc. p&p Status
first edition trade paperback, 192pp, ISBN 1900486075, 1999 N/A out of stock

Ghastly Terror! The Horrible Story of the Horror Comics cover

Back in the 1950s, horror comics flourished to the extent that some 50 or more different titles could be published in a single month. Then these comics were effectively banned, indicted as a major cause of 'juvenile delinquency' in the US and in Great Britain. Prurient themes and imagery incorporating scantily clad women, torture, limb-chopping, and trauma to the eye, were amongst those cited as objectionable and outlawed.

But what were these horrible horror comics really like? What were the stories about? How many titles were produced? And were they are frightening and as subversive as critics claimed?

For the first time in book form, Ghastly Terror! addresses and answers all these questions - and more! Tracing their development for the grotesque, psychotic visions of the ultra-primitive 'pre-code' horrors, through to the relatively sophisticated graphic nightmares of Warren and Skywald, Ghastly Terror! takes the reader into a dank and sinister world to savour the rotting history of Tales from the Tomb, Dark Mysteries, Weird Terror, Vault of Horror, Worlds of Fear, Web of Evil, Tales of Voodoo, Psycho, Scream, Creepy, Twisted Tales, Taboo and countless other comic titles!

Profusely illustrated, Ghastly Terror! is a concise, entertaining and enlightening examination of this most popular and persecuted of comicbook genres.