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Grue cover


Subject: Horror
Category: Magazine
Country of Origin: USA

The most challenging horror fiction from the 1990 winner of the World Fantasy Award.

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Fiction by John Everson, Kevin Filan, Carla Jean Eardley, A.R. Morlan, Rick Kleffel, Wayne Allen Sallee, Louis Maistros, Brett Bogart, Michael Ryan Zimmermann, and John Maclay, plus poetry by Denise Dumars, Robert Frazier, Lisa Lepovetsky and others (A5, 100pp p/b) N/A out of print

Fiction by Scott Dixon, Jack Wainer, Brett Bogart, Wayne Allen Sallee, Rick Kleffel, Michael R. Zimmerman, Dennis Jordan, and Jan Lars Lensen, poetry by Robert P. Beveridge, Michael A. Arnzen, Deborah Sellers, Jack Shadoian, and Peggy Wheeler (A5, 100pp p/b) UK: £3.00
Europe: £5.76
USA: £6.81
Elsewhere: £7.26
in stock

Fiction by Jay R. Bonansinga, Robert Frazier, Norman Partridge, Brett Bogart, Lisa Lepovetsky, Don Webb, David L. Powell, Steven Paul Olson, Howard N. Kaplan, Thomas Wiloch, and Boomer Murphy; poetry by Wayne Allen Sallee, Jeff VanderMeer, Jacie Ragan, Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Denise Dumars and others (A5, 100pp p/b) UK: £2.75
Europe: £5.51
USA: £6.56
Elsewhere: £7.01
in stock

Fiction by Emily Newland, Yvonne Navarro, D.R. McBride, Gemma Files, Don Kaye, Larry Tritten, David Starkey, Jan Lars Jensen, Kevin Roice, and David Blount (A5, 100pp p/b) UK: £2.75
Europe: £5.51
USA: £6.56
Elsewhere: £7.01
in stock