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Guardians of Alexander (Goldbane 1)
by John Wilson

Subject: Science Fiction
Publisher: Big Engine (UK)

Edition Our Price inc. p&p Status
first edition trade paperback, 278pp, ISBN 1903468094, 2003 UK: £11.49
Europe: £15.48
USA: £17.68
Elsewhere: £18.43
in stock

Guardians of Alexander (Goldbane 1) cover

Goldbane: three novels that span from the fourth century BC to the present day, as an alien intelligence stranded in the Himalayas manipulates human history in order to return home.

Goldbane 1: When Alexander the Great sacks the capital of the Persian king Darius he finds a vast fortune in treasure, which includes an artefact of mysterious powers, the amulet of Ammon-Ra. Knowledge of the treasure and the artefact, clearly a device from the gods, is made known only to two of his generals, the rivals Theopolytes and Ptolemy. Theopolytes is trusted with the sacred task of transporting the treasure back home, but Alexander dies suddenly and the future of the treasure becomes of vital importance. Theopolytes is convinced that Alexander will be born again and so he must safeguard it for his master's return. Meanwhile Ptolemy has set himself up as Pharaoh of Alexander's Egyptian domains, and believes all that wealth should rightfully be his...

Theopolytes must find a safe place for the treasure while fighting off the agents of Ptolemy and of Alexander's mother Queen Olympias, all the while unaware that his actions are being guided through soothsayers and visionaries under the influence of the alien Pollinator. In the process a secret organisation is set up, one which is sworn to carry out its task through the centuries and which will affect the very course of human history – The Guardians of Alexander...