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Headpress cover


Subject: Marginalia
Category: Magazine
Country of Origin: UK

Recommended for adult readers only

Since 1991, Headpress journal has been at the forefront of Underground – or 'transgressive' – publishing, with incisive and cutting-edge essays on films and filmmakers, religious manias, fanaticism, weird crime cases, sex queens, curious music, art, artists, pornography, trash and sleaze. Recommended for mature readers.

See also the collection Critical Vision.

    Particularly bizarre ... distuubing and sometimes delightful
    Time Out
    Absolutely essential
    Fortean Times
    An extended tour of the more bizarre aspects of popular, and not so popular, culture, with plenty of moral and aesthetic conundrums along the way

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Burroughs and the Dreamachine: Interviews with William Burroughs, Paul Bowles and David Woodard, composer and builder of Dreamachines; the pros and cons of Dreamachine use; a history of Dreamachines; brain expanding films; the late Luis de Jesus, a 'star' of diminutive stature whose film appearances ranged from sadistic sidekick in the cult movie Blood Sucking Freaks, to hardcore porn, of which the most notorious is The Anal Dwarf; an interview with Michael (Bowling For Columbine) Moore; front seats at Prof Von Hagen's live autopsy in London; plus lots more... (B5, 160pp p/b, ISBN 1900486261) N/A out of stock

Powered By Love: An interview with John "Buttman" Stagliano; an interview with Chuck Palahniuk, author of Fight Club and Choke; an interview with Punk filmmaker Lech Kowalski (D.O.A.); a look at the novels of Colin Wilson; British sit-com movie spin-offs; plus lots more... (B5, 160pp p/b, ISBN 1900486229) N/A out of stock

Funhouse: Special edition devoted to cult horror movie Last House on Dead End Street; down in the dirt at the CineMuerte film festival; a look at Jack Cardiff's curious horror movie, The Mutations; The day I punched the Anti-Christ in the face – drunken journo brawls with Marilyn Manson; an interview with author Tom Robbins; lap dancing in Greece; American Bukkake – a story in pictures; a short appreciation of Forrest J. Ackerman and Famous Monsters of Filmland; the making of Blow Me!, a film starring a rubber doll; an interview with Joe Coleman; controversy over Italian killer book and comics for kids – writer speaks; a heretic looks at Jack Kerouac – a reappraisal of the Beat author; an interview with porn starlet, Justin Romee; in praise of old school DJs; plus lots more... (B5, 160pp p/b, ISBN 1900486180) N/A out of stock

Bad Birds: Interviews with porn star-cum-brothel girl Jeannie Rivers, novellist James Elroy, and filmmaker Bruce LaBruce, plus hanging out with controversial asphyxiation-fetish filmmakers Factory 2000, superhero novelty records, a sightseer mistaken for the Virgin Mary in Antequera, a full-moon night for the girls of the stripclub, and Dead Elvis – an impersonation of The King that backfires horribly in Newcastle (B5, 180pp p/b, ISBN 1900486156) N/A out of stock

Unreal is Real: Interviews with Jerry Sadowitz, porn director Jim Powers, fly-on-the-wall filmmaker Frederick Wiseman, rock critic Greil Marcus, and Warhol collaborator Mary Woronov, plus Charles Manson and the Family Franchise, Brian Jones in Tangiers, Psychedelic Nazis, and much, much more! (B5, 180pp p/b, ISBN 1900486113) N/A out of stock

Are you travelling BACK through TIME? Andrew Darlington - in search of the perfect poetry groupie; interviews with Harvey Pekar and Jade Marcella; Elvis Presley in concert; saved by Christian literature; dodgy magazines from around the world; women who box and men who watch; making money from crime calls premium telephone lines; five reasons why The Exorcist isn't scary any more; swinging sex and pseudo-science; reviews and merchandise (B5, 164pp p/b, ISBN 1900486091) N/A out of stock

World Without End: The World of El Monje Loco, Uruguay's mad monk; extensive interview with Joel M. Reed, director of Bloodsucking Freaks, 'one of the most tasteless films ever made'; Australian serial killers; Adam Ant as sex and perversion for teenyboppers; evangelical mond control and the abuse of altered states; The Exorcist revisited; Throbbing Gristle's last live performance; Marlon Brando in decline; Bettie Page v. Traci Lords; reviews and merchandise (B5, 164pp p/b, ISBN 1900486083) N/A out of stock

The Agony and The Ecstasy of Underground Culture: Pornography & Music Culture - Punk Dominatrix, the early 80s fetish magazine; I Loved A Sex Fiend - First ever Antonio Ghura interview, creator of Truly Amazing Love Stories and Raw Purple; Screw - Al Goldstein's smut paper - the 30th anniversary bash; In-a-gadda-da-vida - Led Zeppelin vs. the MC5 and Iron Butterfly!; Disturbingly dark, sweetly savage - Poppy Z Brite, author of Exquisite Corpse (B5, 144pp p/b, ISBN 1900486059) N/A out of stock

Into the Psyche: Five Perfect Heads - The five most defining faces of the 20th century, including the face on Mars; The Grotesque Burlesque - An evening with the Dragon ladies and their sexy, surreal revue; Hardcore Crumb - Revealing interview with Maxon Crumb, brother of underground artist Robert; Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends - The man who sang George Michael's Faith for The Children of God; Scenes From A Marriage - Pam and Tommy: Hardcore and Uncensored; Dennis Cooper Does Drugs - Stewart Home interviews Cooper whilst on a Jack the Ripper murder tour (B5, 100pp p/b, ISBN 1900486040) N/A out of stock

Human Gargoyles: Depilations For Fun And Profit - Bald women and body-hair stylists through the ages; Di-ing for it - Fan worship to the point of cannibalistic obsession; The Saga Of The Human Gargoyles - Skywald, New York comics publishers who brought stone gargoyles to life to fight the spawn of Satan; Grr! Those Bloody Kids - Children as instruments of evil; No Alcohol, Some Movies, A Lot of Rain - A diary of the Fourth Chicago Underground Film Festival; A Return to Animal Farm 2... (B5, 100pp p/b, ISBN 1900486024) N/A out of stock

War In Heaven: Guts 'n' Roses - The Coming Apocalypse Of The Ripper Millennium: What Jack was really up to in Whitechapel, and the astrological significance to the Millennium; A Funny Thing Happened To Me On My Way Back From The Cemetery - Bodies in Peru; Sex, Violence & Models - Gerry Anderson's UFO and the girls of Moonbase; Get It On, Bang A Chong - Annabel Chong: was she paid for the World's Biggest Gang Bang?; Return To Animal Farm - Readers respond to last issue's bestial film investigation; The Best Li'l Whitetrash Freakshow in Chicago! - Jerry Springer rescues TV (and an obese man) (B5, 100pp p/b, ISBN 1900486016) N/A out of stock

Suicide: An interview with the Amazing Mr Lifto; Savannah and dead porn stars; Larry Wessel, filmmaker; on set at the World's Biggest Gang Bang 2; Mark Hejnar, filmmaker; Grave Line Tours; an interview with Romain Slocombe; Richard Stanley's Brave; pulp paperback reviews – Abduction and Death of a Blue-eyed Soul Brother; interview with Nina Hartley; Born Again; Diary of a Sitges jury member; classic suicides; Cak-Watch investigates Animal Farm; plus lots more... (B5, 96pp p/b) N/A out of print

Plague: Bondage Hippies, Or Were they? - An examination of a forgotten fetish relic; Pus, Boils & Sores - 2,000 Years Of 'Divine Entertainment': Black Death (flagellants, pulp fiction & movies); Dwarf Machines - Nano-Technology And Mind-Control: How world leaders will soon dissipate consciousness with a glass of water; Sharing the Experience - Cruising The Bay: Buddy booths, male escorts and extreme S&M dungeons; Cak-Watch! - Stomach Turning mondo documentary Traces of Death; Greatest Tits! - 'Best of' videotapes and the Art of Porn Cinema; Voyeurs - In the stalls at the Fem2Fem lesbian stage musical (B5, 96pp p/b, ISBN 0952328887) N/A out of stock

Sodom, An Appreciation - Reading De Sade's 120 Days of Sodom, cruising dodgy bookshops, & porn in Britain; Wallowing In The Meyer - interview with breast fetish filmmaker Russ Meyer; Enthusiasm - Personal recollections on being Out-Of-The-Body; The Sons Of Gilles De Rais - Headhunters and sorcerers from the 15th Century alchemist to Fred and Rose West; Me Gustas Mucho - Mexican music from the 70s: strange sounds, bizarre music makers; On The Piss - History of urine abuse; Confessions Of An English Porn-Eater - Writing for Britain's Adult Top-Shelf magazines (A4, 68pp) N/A out of stock

Sin: Days In Palookaville - pros and cons of flying to Amsterdam to read poetry in public; Bill & Tim's Excellent Adventure - addiction and celebrity substance abuse; Dismemberment And Display - violent images of sex and death in the media; The Roof Is Not Plywood - Sex and dope, the flow of consciousness film-making style of Matthew Smith; Sade Recidivus - The man behind the controversial book The Eyes: Jesus Ignacio Aldapuerta; Hyper-hypocrisy & The Execution Protocol - Critical reaction to the documentary, Executions (A4, 72pp) N/A out of stock

Ha, Ha, Ha: Dr Adder Your Time Has Come - advances in cosmetic surgery; From France To Florida - outrageous French cartoonist Sin+ and jailed US artist Mike Diana; Adventures For REAL Men - Men's Action magazines of the 60s and 70s; The Campaign For Decency In Literature - What happens when you start a bogus crusade to clean up Britain; Smut Fest - Marissa Carr and Karen Greenlee etc, and never before published photos (A4, 80pp) N/A out of stock

Rage & Torment: Dead Sexy - necrophilia in real life and literature; A Guide To Public Toilets In Leeds; Attack Of The Video Nazis - the Criminal Justice Bill and your viewing pleasure; Society X - the erotic publishing house, Masquerade; Where TV Dreams Come True - a contemporary history of transvestism; Red Noise - The fave music of serial killers (A4, 64pp) N/A out of stock