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Flying Saucers Over Hennepin
by Peter Gelman

Subject: Contemporary Literature
Publisher: Permeable Press (USA)

Edition Our Price inc. p&p Status
first edition trade paperback, 196pp, ISBN 1882633245, 1997 UK: £15.00
Europe: £18.99
USA: £21.19
Elsewhere: £21.94
in stock (out of print with publisher)

Flying Saucers Over Hennepin cover

The invasion of Minneapolis has already taken place. It happened sometime in the late '80s – the Go-Go Years, the Junk Bond Age. While the yuppies were hustling and getting theirs, and the slackers were slacking, Hennepin Avenue was overrun by doppelganger mannequins. You might be one yourself. The proof is all right here, in this "fictional" romp of a novel called Flying Saucers Over Hennepin. Or is this book a factual document somehow overlooked by the invaders from the Fornax Cluster?

Written by an X-Gen zarathustra with X-ray deflecting glasses, Gelman crushes the false idols in this corrosively funny, sadly romantic, and ultimately eye-opening novel of our consumptive fin de siècle times.