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Intense Device: A Journey through Lust, Murder & the Fires of Hell
by Simon Whitechapel

Subject: Marginalia
Publisher: Headpress Critical Vision (UK)

Recommended for adult readers only

Edition Our Price inc. p&p Status
trade paperback, 192pp, ISBN 0952328895, 1998 UK: £10.95
Europe: £14.94
USA: £17.14
Elsewhere: £17.89
in stock

Intense Device: A Journey through Lust, Murder & the Fires of Hell cover

    A perverse and wickedly humorous look at humanity's darker side... a fascinating book
    Penthouse UK
    A fine roller-coaster of reasoning... something here for most twisted tastes
    Fortean Times
    A collection of extraordinary essays on bizarre subjects, written with wit, scholarship and verve

Dildos through the ages; the life and crimes of the Marquis de Sade; the literary twilight that is the TV & movie tie-in; the Christian Crusader comics of Jack T Chick; visions of End Times...

These are just some of the sights to be had in Simon Whitechapel's tour of a wholly unique and contemporary Hell: part divine, part man-made, completely absorbing. A collection of essays and articles, Intense Device plunges the reader into a real-life Divine Comedy, where sexual excess, murder, absurdity and chaos hang heavy beneath human folly and despair. Chapters include:

  • A Girl's Second Best Friend - Dildos and dildophiles from Ancient Greece to the present
  • Lord Of The Ringpiece - Sticky-fingered appreciation of the Marquis de Sade
  • It's Human Fingers! - Jack Chick's Crusaders and the Christian Comic phenomenon
  • What is Truth? - Anti-Darwinism and denial of the Holocaust
  • Rugger-Bugger - Psycho-sexual secrets in the greatest sport on Earth