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Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts cover

Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts

Subject: Reviews & Criticism
Category: Magazine
Country of Origin: USA

A learned journal that brings critical recognition to speculative fiction from outside the genre.

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Vol.3 #2

Articles on "Kafka's Sister", "Creative Solitude in Modern Fantasy", "Poe's Urban Fiction", "There and Back Again to the Arcadian Ideal", "Self-Referentiality in Gene Wolfe's 'Seven American Nights'", "Science and Myth in Kurt Vonnegut's Galápagos", and "Variations of the Double Motif in Ventriloquist Films" (A5, 96pp p/b) N/A out of print
Vol.3 #1

Special Art Issue with articles on "The Feminine as Fantastic", "Light and Space in the Open Air: James Turrell's Roden Crater Project", "Michael Dorsey's Beauty Parlor Series", "The Grotesque in the Early Work of Gregory Gillespie", "The Parsifal Influence in the Work of Jean Delville", and "Michael Aurbach: Final Portraits" (A5, 80pp p/b) N/A out of print
Vol.2 #4

Articles on "The Shared Universe in Speculative Fiction", "Wolves, Witches and Werewolves", "Alterity and Self-Other Mirroring in Horror Film and Criticism", "Phantasy as Deconstruction", "Byron as a Poet of the Fantastic", "Fantastic Illustrations to Dante's Inferno" (A5, 156pp p/b) N/A out of print
Vol.2 #2

Articles on "From Trickery to Discovery: Trajectories of Science Fiction Film", "The Cybernetic (City) State: Terminal Space becomes Phenomenal", "Murray Tinkleman: An Appreciation", "Video, Science Fiction, and the Cinema of Surveillance", "Science Fiction and Fantasy Film Criticism: The Case of Lucas and Spielberg", and "But Not the Blackness of Space: The Brother From Another Planet as Icon from the Underground" (A5, 122pp p/b) N/A out of print
Vol.2 #1

Articles on "Phoenix Rising: Like Dracula from the Grave", "The Vampire", "Rising Like Old Corpses: Stephen King and the Horrors of Time-Past", "Tanith Lee's Werewolves Within: Reversals of Gothic Tradition", "Loving Death: The Meaning of Male Sexual Impotence in Vampire Literature", "From Pathos to Tragedy: The Two Versions of The Fly", "Virgil Finlay Portfolio: An Appreciation", "Courteous, Humble and Helpful: Sam as Squire Figure in Lord of the Rings", "Genetic Experimentation: Mad Scientists and the Beast", "Native Sons: Regionalism in the Work of Nathaniel Hawthorne and Stephen King", and "The Femivore: An Unnamed Archetype" (A5, 104pp p/b) N/A out of print