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Three-Hand Jax and Other Spells
by Staszek

Subject: Contemporary Literature
Publisher: Permeable Press (USA)

Edition Our Price inc. p&p Status
first edition trade paperback, 176pp, ISBN 1882633083, 1995 N/A out of print

Three-Hand Jax and Other Spells cover

    A born writer on a honeymoon with his Muse. Deliciously excessive and eccentric. A growth-guru for disoriented young Gay men.
    Robert Patrick, author of Temple Slave
    Brave, angry, heart-breaking and raging, these stories stand in passionate witness to gay men's attempts to lead an honorable life today. The exhilarating emotional roller-coaster ride of the collection climaxes spectacularly in "Weird Daddy", a tour de force so fearlessly personal and mysteriously hypnotic that it had an impact for me equal to that of Allen Ginsburg's Kaddish.
    John McFarland, author of The Exploding Frog and Other Fables from Aesop
    Stan Henry in these stories has demonstrated the extraordinary complex array of thought and feeling that exist in the realized queer; it is of great value to the future of human society for the Stonewall Uprising to have opened the richness of this evolving world to the reading public.
    Robert LaVigne

Up and out from the underground streams Staszek wild and wide-awake in his first collection of prose, Three-Hand Jax and Other Spells. You'll find in Jax a new nakedness, a strip-tease of surprise.