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Journal of Nicholas the American
by Leigh Kennedy

Subject: Science Fiction
Publisher: Big Engine (UK)

Edition Our Price inc. p&p Status
trade paperback, 193pp, ISBN 1903468116, 2002 UK: £11.49
Europe: £15.48
USA: £17.68
Elsewhere: £18.43
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Journal of Nicholas the American cover

    Carries the impact of Robert Silverberg's Dying Inside ... A memorable work. Do read this one.
    A work of art and joy and originality.
    Chicago Sun-Times
    A powerfully written, introspective novel ... Unquestionably one of the most mature of the year, and one of the best to deal with ESP.
    SF Chronicle

Originally published in 1986, The Journal of Nicholas the American tells the story of college student Nicholas Dal – a tele-empath who experiences the emotions of other people. In company, he can only feel what those around him feel, and too-powerful emotion can induce seizures, so he must live in semi-drunken solitude simply to stay sane.

In the past the family talent, or curse, has led to insanity, persecution and murder, and the Dals even fled Russia to escape its deadly legacy. But now a psychiatrist is on Nicholas's tail and his feelings for a fellow student in his history class, and her dying mother Susanne, threaten to break through his isolation. Will he risk his love, his sanity and his life to be with Susanne on her journey past the edge of existence?

The author
Leigh Kennedy was born in Denver, Colorado. After gaining her degree in history, she lived in Austin, Texas for five years, then emigrated to England in 1985. Her jobs have ranged from emptying bedpans to indexing philosophy texts but she has been writing constantly from her early years. She has been short-listed for both the Nebula and World Fantasy Awards. Faces, a short story collection appeared in 1986, followed by two novels, The Journal of Nicholas the American and Saint Hiroshima. She presently lives in Hastings with her husband, Christopher Priest, and their two children.