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Jung's People
by Kay Green

Subject: Speculative Fiction
Publisher: Elastic Press (UK)

Edition Our Price inc. p&p Status
first edition paperback, A5, 143pp, ISBN 0954374762, 2004 UK: £5.00
Europe: £8.99
USA: £11.19
Elsewhere: £11.94
in stock (out of print with publisher)

Jung's People cover

    Kay Green's refreshingly original stories tap into the vast and powerful mysteries that exist beneath our comfortable ideas of civilisation
    Trevor Denyer, Roadworks magazine

Are you a parent, a child, or a lover? Are you a fighter, a healer, or a straw in the wind? What happens when we improvise, and reject society's scripts? We find that there are older, deeper roles laid out for us; those driven by mythology, by instinct, and fate.

Containing 14 stories, Kay Green's first collection of short fiction examines with depth and insight the paths by which we choose to exist. In examining our spiritual mythology, she not only muses on reality in today's world, but also weaves a cunning story in the process. A thoughtful and reflective anthology, Jung's People serves to deconstruct the modernist, and reinvent the pagan.