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Fires of the Kindred
by Robin Skelton

Subject: Science Fiction
Publisher: Porcepic Books (Canada)

Edition Our Price inc. p&p Status
first edition trade paperback, 160pp, ISBN 0888782713, 1987 UK: £14.95
Europe: £18.94
USA: £21.14
Elsewhere: £21.89
in stock

Fires of the Kindred cover

    Robin Skelton's portrayal of marvels and mysteries is so convincingly commonsensical: the author is a practising witch and knows whereof he speaks ... What is most marvellous here is the stunning credibility -- in emotion, action, and interaction -- of the women he presents as the pragmatic priesthood/policy makers of Mother Earth's matriarchy.
    Judith Merril

True magic and harmony with nature undergo displacement by violent ambition and abstract thought, driving a wedge between the unity of Woman and Man. Told simply and sensitively through the lives of two apprentice shamans, the narrative draws us into a world where the ruling process is Change, where Humanity itself is losing its innocence and, for better or worse, is coming of age.