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Last Continent: New Tales of Zothique
edited by John Pelan

Subject: Horror
Publisher: ShadowLands Press (USA)

Edition Our Price inc. p&p Status
deluxe edition hardback, leather bound, slipcased, 1 of 50 copies; also includes limited edition art prints of interior illustrations, 440pp, ISBN 0966566238, 1999 N/A out of print
limited edition hardback, cloth bound, 1 of 500 copies, 440pp, ISBN 0966566246, 1999 N/A out of print

Last Continent: New Tales of Zothique cover

Zothique, the last continent of earth, is a dying world. Its death throes breed tales of depravity and debauchery, lust and lament. Hope is a rare commodity in these last of days, for a grim realization has dawned on its inhabitants: the end is surely near.

Some of today's finest writers have joined together in The Last Continent: New Tales of Zothique to pay tribute to both the enticing world and the master who created it: Clark Ashton Smith, the Bard of Auburn. No mere pastiches, these new tales of horror and fantasy serve as a fitting homage to one of the great prose stylists of the 20th Century.

Herein you will discover tales by established masters like Gene Wolfe (whose "A Traveler In Desert Lands" grapples with meaning and existence in an environment unkind to man) alongside newcomers like Geoff Cooper (whose "Jolerarymi's Rose" explores the harsh realities of loyalty and perseverance).

The 20 authors appearing here have penned tales that will delight and astound. Edited by award-winner John Pelan, introduced by noted poet and Smith scholar Donald Sydney-Fryer, and illustrated by Allen Koszowski and Fredrik King, The Last Continent is a beautiful and thought-provoking anthology that is sure to leave you wanting more.

Necromancy, double-dealings, false hopes and exotic locales. These elements and more all combine to make The Last Continent an essential component of the collector's bookshelf. These are the tales of a dying world, and if you listen closely you can hear the whispered screams of despair. Do you dare to heed the call?

Includes stories by: Gerard Houarner, Rhys Hughes, Brian McNaughton, David B. Silva, David Niall Wilson, Dan Clore, Mark McLaughlin, Edward Lee & John Pelan, Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Don Webb, t. Winter-Damon, Gene Wolfe, Geoff Cooper, Polagaya Fine, Lucy Taylor, Mark Chadbourn, Charlee Jacob, Brian Stableford, and Henrik Johnsson.

All copies are signed by all the contributors.