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Life in the Freezer
by Jimmie Dickie

Subject: Science Fiction / Poetry
Publisher: Hilltop Press (UK)

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first edition chapbook, A5, 24pp, ISBN 0905262395, 2007 N/A out of stock

Life in the Freezer cover

In a time far beyond our own, frozen dreamers travel outwards. Preserved, by choice or otherwise, in cold eternity. Where do they go? Why? How carried, by ship or world? What, if anything, fills their ice-bound minds?

Jimmie Dickie's remarkable sequence lets you eavesdrop on those obsessively searching for meaning in the mystery of those silent ones, revealing as they do the haunting diversity of their own deceptive perceptions. Where, if anywhere, does truth lie?

Here indeed is work answering Esther Leslie's call for poetry that achieves the "cryogenic suspension of lyric".

Welcome to the freezer.