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Lost Notes
by David Murphy

Subject: Science Fiction
Publisher: Aeon Press (Ireland)

Edition Our Price inc. p&p Status
first edition paperback, A5, 201pp, ISBN 0953478432, 2005 UK: £9.99
Europe: £13.98
USA: £16.18
Elsewhere: £16.93
in stock

Lost Notes cover

    David Murphy is one of the most exciting writers exploring the boundaries of the modern short story in Ireland today.
    Robert Neilson
    Lost Notes is a story that approaches greatness. Attempts at description can only diminish it. There are certain passages in great music that, whenever I hear them, I have only to close my eyes to be released from corporeality. Lost Notes had the same effect on me.
    David Marcus
    It's a rare talent who can show us a glimpse of what Ireland is and what it could become. David Murphy doesn't believe in glimpses. He shows it all, every subtle distinction, every smell, every shade. You will remember this book.
    Roelof Goudriaan

Sixteen tales of alternate Irelands, alternate worlds, gathered together in a sophisticated and startlingly diverse collection told at hypnotic pace. They are the stories of a cynical yet mysteriously naive voice, the voice of the outsider who remains incredulous when confronted with the absurdities of life.