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Maerlande Chronicles
by Elisabeth Vonarburg

Subject: Science Fiction
Publisher: Tesseract Books (Canada)

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paperback, 582pp, ISBN 1888782942, 1992 N/A out of stock

Maerlande Chronicles cover

    An exciting, demanding, satisfying thought-experiment -- serious science fiction doing what only science fiction can do
    Ursula K. LeGuin
    Fascinating, beautifully worked-out -- a real treasure, a meticulously created society
    Marion Zimmer Bradley

In a novel of epic proportions, Elisabeth Vonarburg envisions a world of the far future that has survived the Decline where the few survivors are forced to create a new society. Abandoning the rules of patriarchy and matriarchy, they are faced with establishing new gender roles, social rules and mythologies.

Lisbeï is a young "thinker" whose curiosity leads her to discover a major historical artifact from before the Decline that challenges the mythology of the new order and its religion. In alliance with the enigmatic Kelys, Lisbeï sets out to confront the new establishment and force it to change; a task that will take her whole life.