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Morbid Curiosity cover

Morbid Curiosity

Subject: Marginalia
Category: Magazine
Country of Origin: USA

Recommended for adult readers only

Called "the learned person's approach to all things dark and lovely" by the Azrael Project Newsletter, Morbid Curiosity magazine presents true, first-person accounts of unusual experiences and the strange things that people get up to. Previous issues have included articles on topics including absinthe, DMT, mortuary science, autoerotic strangulation, firewalking, assisted suicide, a visit to a cadaver lab, graveyard monuments, and voodoo.

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Articles on Amityville, art from blood, art from bones, body fluids, car accidents, childbirth, congenital abnormalities, dead witches, Egyptian gods, graveyards, Halloween shoppers, hitchhiking in Oklahoma, industrial sailing, invasive medicine, lyme disease, Malaysia, miscarriage, office voodoo, nicotine dreams, nursing, rabies, shamans, serial killers, silent spring, surfing, television stardom, terminal cancer, testicular injury, and torture instruments (A4, 116pp p/b) N/A out of stock

Articles on hallucinating naturally, California Coast Guard, medical experiments, suicidal boyfriends, anarchists in Paris, channeling spirits, Genoa protesters, getting mugged, ghost hunters, buying a gun, street violence, night terrors, NYC subways, occult shops, Big Brother, ghosts, LSD, police brutality, skinning roadkill, haunted houses, in the nuthouse, raccoon invasion, racism in the family, suicidal thoughts, prisoners in America, slaughterhouse skulls, Pere Lachaise Cemetery, and Vienna Burial Museum (A4, 116pp p/b) N/A out of stock

Articles on Alzheimer's disease, casting a curse, cruising, drunk driving, fireworks, first communion, freedom, funeral homes, graveyards, homophobia, imprisonment, Kali, LSD, messages from beyond, multiple sclerosis, Museum of Death, Mutter Museum, nursing the dying, occult studies, Princess Warrior, religious choice, rhinoplasty, Rosslyn Chapel, sleeping in a casket, spinal injections, starring in porn, terrorist bombings, UFOs, and Why We're Like This (A4, 116pp p/b) N/A out of stock