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Murder in Space
by E.C. Tubb

Subject: Science Fiction / Crime
Publisher: Gryphon Publications (USA)

Edition Our Price inc. p&p Status
Gryphon Crime Novel #4: first edition trade paperback, 184pp, ISBN 0936071893, 1997 UK: £11.95
Europe: £15.94
USA: £18.14
Elsewhere: £18.89
in stock

Murder in Space cover

    Presenting the best in classic crime writing, the Gryphon Crime Series showcases work by some of the best names in crime writing. Classic work from the great years. All books are trade paperbacks with stunning full-colour dustjackets be master artist Ron Turner. Each book also features an introduction by a new or classic crime author.

Mankind has embarked on the conquest of space. But even when, in the future, civilisation becomes truly space-borne, human nature will have remained the same. When we reach out into space, we will carry the one thing that has always been with us – the Mark of Cain!

In this exciting new collection of classic SF stories, E.C. Tubb gives us stories that are logical, relentless, and without mercy. Six of his best, never before in paperback:

  • There's Only One Winner
  • Forgetfulness
  • Nonentity
  • Linda
  • The Wanton Jade
  • Requiem for a Harvey
Stories to put shivers down your spine in their chilling depictions of Murder In Space!