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New York Review of Science Fiction cover

New York Review of Science Fiction

Subject: Science Fiction / Reviews & Criticism
Category: Magazine
Country of Origin: USA

Engaging and provocative essays, thoughtful and informed reviews, and topical comment for the SF field.

    Twenty-one time Hugo Award nominee!
    Remains by far the most reliably published and probably the most interesting and accessible of the more scholarly oriented 'criticalzines'
    Gardner Dozois, Year's Best SF
    A literate review of the sf field, with a good mix of critical reviews, commentary, articles ... The reviews are long, discerning, and written by well-known figures in the field ... For any library that supports an active science fiction readership, The New York Review of Science Fiction is a 'best buy.'
    Library Journal

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Tom Purdom on Ace Doubles; Jen Gunnels on staging the singularity; Victor Grech on Pinocchio and prostheses; Mike Barrett on rediscovering Mike Sirotta; and A.P. Canavan on Steve Erikson (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Christopher Kovacs on Roger Zelazny's Amber; Judith Collins on fantasy and the critics; Fred Runk on Greg Benford; David Drake on Clemence Dane; and Eugene Reynolds on Einhorn's Lathe of Heaven (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Jen Gunnels on Blast Radius; Dave Drake on warriors' humour; Michael Andre-Driussi on a new translation of Roadside Picnic; Richard Kellogg oh Philip Wylie; Michael Levy on Christopher Pearse Cranch; and Mike Barrett on Leigh Brackett's Mars (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Steven Erikson on The Cambridge Companion to Fantasy Literature; A.-P. Canavan on fantasy's path forward; Patrick McGuire on publishing without books; Amy Ransom on Yves Menard and Jean-Louis Trudel; and Ursula Pflug on paradise (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Chris N. Brown on the future of borders; Mike Barrett on John Jakes's F&SF short stories; Victor Grech on the Pinocchio syndrome; Robert Eldridge on Friedebert Tuglas, Estonia's SF master; Douglas Fratz on Gordon van Gelder; and Wendy Bousfield on Stephen King (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Jen Gunnels on the future of SF theatre; Brian Stableford on the birth of SF in France; Mike Barrett on John Jakes's F&SF novels; Amy Ransom on Canadian Weird; and Christopher S. Kovacs & Susan M. MacDonald on medical errors (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Robert Guffey on Weird Noir; Takayuki Tatsumi on Chiaki Kawamata; and Rob Latham on John Baxter's biography of J.G. Ballard (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Tiptree and Converse in song and dance; Andrew Ferguson on R.A. Lafferty; Patrick McGuire and Michael Andre-Driussi on Russian SF; David Mead on Robert Charles Wilson; and Paul Witcover on David Anthony Durham (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Tom Vaine on Inner Space in Ballard; Christopher S. Kovacs on Zelazny's October; Brian Aldiss on William Golding; Victoria Balloon on Thomas D. Clareson; Michael Swanwick on Will F. Jenkins; and fiction by Eileen Gunn (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Mike Barrett on John Morressy's worlds of the future; Geoff Sutton on Joe Haldeman; Jen Gunnels on Jeanne Beckwith; Mike Levy on M.M. Buckner; and Peter Rawlik on Todd Riemer (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Thomas F. Bertonneau on the ethics of giving in Stanley Weinbaum; Michael Andre-Driussi on the renaissance of anime; Patrick L. McGuire on Soviet SF; Michael Swanwick on Hope Mirrlees; Michael Levy on Joan Slonczewski; Peter Rawlik on Wilum Pugmire; Greg Johnson on Kameron Hurley; and Jen Gunnels on rockets, puppets and Cthulhu (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Christopher S. Kovacs & Susan M. MacDonald on medical myths and errors in SF and Fantasy; Jen Gunnels on Tod Machover's new opera; Michael Swanwick on three lives; Charles Oberndorf on Roberto Bolaño; Jim Trombetta on Algis Budrys; Alvaro Zinos-Amaro on Karen Joy Fowler; and Gilbert Colon on Matthew Bradley (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Patrick L. McGuire on two anticipations of the future; Jen Gunnels on Lovecraft on stage; Aidan-Paul Canavan on the future of Fantasy; Joe Sanders on Gemma Files; Henry Wessells on Rudy Rucker; Peter Rawlik on Pearl North; and Wendy Bousfield on the 2011 Nebula Showcase (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Josh Anderson on Thomas M. Disch's modernist romances; Lee Weinstein on outsider writing; Joe Sanders on Heinlein's Job; Peter Rawlik on Henry Kuttner; Michael Levy on Lyda Morehouse; and Edward James on Catherynne M. Valente (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Phil Gochenor on triffids, zombies and ethics; an interview with Andrea Hairston; Paul Kincaid on Kathleen Ann Goonan; Paul Witcover on Jon Courtenay Grimwood; Philip E. Smith on Ian McDonald; and Jen Gunnels on Liz Duffy Adams (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Spyros Vretos on Philip K. Dick's Greek connection; Gary Westfahl on space stations; Michael Swanwick on impossible Russias; Victor Grech on interdisciplinarity in SF; Henry Wessells on Michael Swanwick; and Eugene Reynolds on Michael Moorcock (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Joan Gordon on Sheri Tepper; Jari Käkelä on frontier expansionism in Asimov's Foundation; Ursula Pflug on the 2010 Sunburst Award; Gregory Benford on viruses; and Stephen Delaney on Carol Emshwiller (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Alasdair Mackintosh on Martin Amis and the language of SF; Mike Barrett on the SF worlds of Ray Aldridge; Michael Levy on religious fantasy; Damien Broderick on Robert Silverberg; Michael Swanwick on Anne R. Dick's The Search for Philip K. Dick; Alvaro Zinos-Amaro on Claude Lalumière; and Joan Gordon on Elisabeth Vonarburg (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Robert Guffey on Jack Kirby and the JFK assassination; Christopher Yokel on Kurt Vonnegut; Robert Bee on the Best New Horror; and Paul Kincaid on Robert Boyczuk; plus an interview with Paolo Bacigalupi (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Phil Gochenour on adulthood and suffering in Starship Troopers; Robert Bee on James White; Joe Milicia on Paul Melko; Peter Rawlik on Win Scott Eckert; and Thomas E. Jackson on Orson Scott Card (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Jen Gunnels on two SF adaptations of Macbeth; Barbara Bengels on parental influence in the making of an SF writer; Nelson Lloyd on the Hulk's pants; Mike Barrett on the life of M.P. Shiel; Cherie Priest on steampunk; Michael Bishop on Interfictions 2; Joe Milicia on Farah Mendlesohn; and Robert Bee on Fred Saberhagen (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

An annotated bibliography on vampire media; Paul Di Filippo on John W. Campbell; Michael Swanwick on William Gibson; and Ursula Pflug on Daniel Rabuzzi (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Robert Guffey on Hollywood's first invasion from outer space; Mike Barrett on James Blaylock's Victorian fantasies; Clay Wyatt on Paradise Lost and fan fiction; and James Frenkel on why science fiction matters now (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Ian Campbell on gender in Neal Stephenson; Robert Bee on Robert Silverberg's short fiction; Peter Rawlik explores Henry Burgess Drake; and Greg Johnson on Daryl Gregory (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

An interview with Donald Sidney-Fryer; Damien Broderick & Russell Blackford on Climbing Mount Implausible; Brian Stableford on J.H. Rosny the Elder; and William Badger on Karel Capek (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Sam Donald & Jen Gunnels on Dhalgren on stage; Joe Sanders & Henry Wessells on Robert A. Heinlein; Richard L. Kellogg on Philip Wylie; Mike Barrett on Marjorie Bowen; Paul Cook on Ian McDonald; David V. Griffin on Stephen King; Javier A. Martinez on Kristin Kathryn Rusch (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Jim C. Hines on the raw numbers of how authors sell their first professional novels; Joe Milicia on A.E. van Vogt; Christopher Cokinos on 2010; David Drake on Manly Wade Wellman; Henry Wessells on Eric Leif Davin; Farah Mendlesohn & Damien Broderick on Istvan Csicsery-Ronay Jr; Don Webb on Kaoru Kurimoto (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

A host of SF writers talk about their formative years; an interview with Terry Dowling; Brian Stableford on Louis Mullem; Joe Sanders on Full Metal Apache; and D. Douglas Fratz on Kim Stanley Robinson (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Robert Guffey on the cinematic ancestors and descendents of Charles Darwin; Donald M. Hassler on Philip K. Dick; Russell Blackford on Max Frei; a short story by Patrick Leary; and an interview with Philip Klass (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Jen Gunnels on the challenge of Robots on stage; L. Timmel Duchamp on Joanna Russ; Mike Barrett on Elizabeth Walter; Joan Gordon on Robert Charles Wilson; Wendy Bousfield on Cory Doctorow; David Mead on Paul McAuley; Hugh Howey on Michael Shea; and Dan'l Danehy-Oakes on Steve Englehart (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Mike Barrett on Theodore Sturgeon's fantasy fiction; Eugene Reynolds on transcending genre; Gary G. Garner on Philip M. Fisher; Paul Kincaid on John Banville; Gwyneth Jones on Kage Baker; Peter Rawlik on Seamus Cooper; and Michael Levy on Sandra McDonald (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Brian Stableford on Charles Cros and the origins of French scientific romance; Eugene Reynolds on Gwyneth Jones; Michael Bishop revisits Sleeper; John J. Pierce mines Google for History; Damien Broderick revives Australian Lit Crit; Peter Rawlik on Caitlin Kiernan; Michael Levy on Caleb Fox; and Jenny Blackford on Alison Sinclair (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Peter Nicholls on the secret history of Big Dumb Objects; Graham Andrews on John D. MacDonald; Daniel M. Kimmel on The Time Traveler's Wife; and Mike Barrett on Michael Coney (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Chris Nakashima-Brown on SF in the ruins; John Clute on a model for Superman; Joe Green on a visit with Leigh Brackett; K.J. Bishop on the Dead Girls graphic novel; Brian Aldiss on his real genre; Graham Sleight on Lev Grossman; Greg L. Johnson on Greg van Eekhout; and Dan'l Danehy-Oakes on Jacqueline Carey (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Sherryl Vint on women, science and Gwyneth Jones; Eugene Reynolds on Robert Silverberg; Joe Sanders on Elizabeth Bear; Ron Thomas on Watchmen; and Joe Milicia on essential SF TV (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Brian Stableford on the French 'Scientific' fiction of the early 1900s; Dwight R. Decker on German proto-SF; Chris Kovacs on Roger Zelazny; David Mead on L.E. Modesitt; Michael Levy on George Mann; and Greg Johnson on John Brown (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Doug Texter on Gandhi, Nazis and the thory of nonviolence in Harry Turtledove's "The Last Article"; David G. Hartwell on the making of the American fantasy genre; Edgar L. Chapman on Philip Jose Farmer, Donald M. Hassler on Niven and Lerner; Damien Broderick on Robert Silverberg; and Michael Levy on Kage Baker (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Kit Reed on life so far; Stacie L. Hanes on the 19th-century foundations of Discworld; Joe Sanders on Roger Zelazny; Terry Thompson on the Arthurian paradigm in Frankenstein; James Morrow on Claude Lalumière; Mike Barrett on the fantasies of Simak; and Michael Bishop bids farewell to Tom Disch (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Eugene Reynolds on Kierkegaard and McDevitt; Arthur Tansky on the Lens and liberty; Paul Shackley on James Blish; Mike Barrett on Mary Wilkins Freeman; and Greg Johnson on Alex Bledsoe (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Amy J. Ramson provides a pre-WorldCon guide to French-Canadian SF; Eric A. Johnson walks the future of London; Chuck Gannon revisits John Updike's marginalization of SF; Jenny Blackford on Kage Baker; and Robert Bee on Cory Doctorow (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

An interview with Charles Stross; Mike Barrett on Mary Elizabeth Counselman; Donald M. Hassler on Ben Bova; Douglas Van Belle on every story problem, ever; David Mead on Michael Flynn; Jenny Blackford & Niall Harrison on Justina Robson; Paul Kincaid on Dirk Wittenborn; and Ursula Pflug on Eileen Kernaghan (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Braulio Tavares on Disch's Camp Concentration; Brian Stableford on Gaston de Pawlowski's idealist future history; Tom Purdom and the return of Casanova; Joan Gordon on Jo Walton; Joe Milicia on F&SF film; Joe Sanders on Jay Lake; and Alex Donald on M. John Harrison (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Christopher S. Kovacs on very early Zelazny; Judith Moffett on her POD experience; David Drake on August Derleth; Michael Levy on Paul Melko; Joan Gordon on Helen Collins; Niall Harrison on John Scalzi; David Mead on Matthew Hughes; and Donald M. Hassler on classic Isaac Asimov (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Iain Emsley on destabilizing the Occident in Aladdin; Jess Nevins on the nineteenth-century roots of steampunk; David Drake and Mark Geston on Mark Geston; Traci N. Castleberry on the use of a 'third' sex to represent homosexuality in SF; Gary G. Garner on the high-tech piracy of Murray Leinster; Robert Guffey on Jack Kirby; Eugene Reynolds on Thomas M. Disch; Pierce Watters on Ben Bova; and Robert Bee on John Brunner (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Mary C. Harper on Connie Willis; Philip Long on John Crowley; Michael Hemmingson on Ursula K. Le Guin; Michael Levy on David Almond; Jenny Blackford on Melinda Snodgrass; and David Mead on Mike Brotherton (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Fiona Kelleghan on savage humanism; Ariel Hameon on Michael Swanwick; Jenny Blackford on Adam Roberts; Donald Hassler on Ken MacLeod; Greg Johnson on Daryl Gregory; Michael Levy on Judith Moffett; Grania Davis on Tom Disch; and David Langford on Clarke and Baxter (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Michael Swanwick on the rhetoric of fantasy; John Clute on the horror of forgetting; Arthur C. Clarke and Mike Oldfield; Brian Stableford on SF as hoax; Niall Harrison on Adam Roberts; Henry Wessells on Joanna Russ; Robert Bee on sex and robots; and reading Heinlein juveniles as an adult (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Paul Shackley travels through time and space with James Blish; Allen Steele on the original man of metal: Doc Savage; Greeks in the world of SF: a survey; and Greg Johnson on John Shirley's horror (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Twentieth Anniversary Issue with Mike Barrett on Greye la Spina, Eugene Reynolds at the borders of genre, Sartre and Rucker: together again, remembering Roger Zelazny, Peter Rawlik on Lovecraft's artistic heirs, Joe Milicia on Robert Sawyer, and reading H.G. Wells in a blackout (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Damien Broderick on Arthur C. Clarke, Joe Sanders on Neil Gaiman, Tom Purdom on Tom Purdom, Karen Burnham on gender ID in Stross and Egan, and John Clute on Theodore Judson (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Gary Garner on Anthony Boucher's stories; Robert Bee on imaginary books in speculative fiction; Graham Andrews on the SF of Milton Lesser; S.V. Soplenkov on American SF in Russia; Damien Broderick on John Wright's Null-A; Michael Hemmingson on Moby Dick and SF; and Henry Wessells on Junot Diaz (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Brian Stableford on writing the future's novels; James Morrow on finding the last witchfinder; Jeff VanderMeer on the new weird; Charles Platt goes beyond the New Wave; Michael Levy on Mark Van Name; and J.G. Stinson on Justina Robson (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Charles Platt's life in fragments; Lucius Shepard interviews Michael Swanwick; sixty rules of writing short fiction from Terry Bisson; the Benfords report from Utopiales 2007; Javier Martinez on Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill; and Mark Rich on other slipstreams (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Joe Sanders on Chad Naylor's Shirker, John Clute and Jonathan McAlmont on Iain M. Banks's Matter, James Morrow on writing, Brian Aldiss on Hothouse, Robert Eldridge on Emma Dawson, Joseph Milicia on John Scalzi, and Ursula Pflug and Greg L. Johnson on Nalo Hopkinson (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Critical allegories by Jeff VanderMeer, Mike Barrett on Paula Volsky, Paul Kincaid and Michael Bishop on Morrow and Morrow, Adam Roberts and Joe Sanders on Karl Schroeder, and Niall Harrison on Scott Lynch (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

David Swanger on emotion and genre; James Morrow on authorial trouble; Joan Gordon on Mary Rosenblum; Greg L. Johnson on James Van Pelt; Joseph Milicia on Jay Lake; John Clute on Gene Wolfe; David Mead on Larry Niven & Edward Lerner; and Pete Rawlik on Hardboiled Cthulhu (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Thomas Bertonneau on C.L. Moore's heroes; R.A. Lafferty and cannibalism; A.E. van Vogt's simple pleasures; Amy Ransom on Tesseracts; Mattie Brahan on Judith Berman; Paul Kincaid on Jack McDevitt; interviews with D.G. Compton and Nalo Hopkinson (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Special SF in China issue with reports by David Brin, Nancy Kress, Robert J. Sawyer, Neil Gaiman, Michael Swanwick, David W. Hill, and Carolyn Clink, plus Greg Johnson on Emma Bull, Joe Sanders on Ian MacDonald, and Robert Bee on The Oxford Dictionary of SF (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

David Langford probes the end of Harry Potter, Eugene Reynolds on Bruce Sterling, Benjamin Blattberg on Sturgeon and Bester, Rudy Rucker on mundane SF, David Mead on Gordon Dickson, Mark Rich on Kit Reed and Lucius Shepard, Henry Wessells on Stephen Marche, and David Drake on Harry Bates (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Robert Guffey on Philip K. Dick and Don DeLillo, F. Gwynplaine MacIntyre on Avram Davidson, John Fast on Herman Melville, Michael Lohr interviews Zoran Zivkovic, Paul Kincaid on John Crowley, Philip E. Smith on Allen Steele, and Ursula Pflug on Phyllis Gotlieb (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Mike Barrett on Ernest Bramah's lost China, James Patrick Kelly and John Kessel on post-cyberpunk, Robert J. Sawyer on the failings of StarWars, David Mead on Brenda Cooper, Henry Wessells on Ellen Klages, and Brian Youmans on Laurie Marks (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Michael Swanwick on unfixing-up the unbroken; Robert Guffey on Flann O'Brien; Henry Wessels on Susanna Clarke; and John Langan on Lucius Shepard (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Rob Latham on cyberpunk and the new wave; Geoff Ryman on the mundane; Jason Sanford on the US literary establishment's need-hate relationship with SF; J.G. Stinson on Jo Walton; Stacie Hanes on Michael Arnzen; and Joe Milicia on Daniel Kalstein (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

James Morrow on European SF, Amy J. Ransom on horror in Quebec, Jetse De Vries on Peter Watts's Blindsight, Mike Barrett on Henry S. Whitehead, J.G. Stinson on the Tiptree biography, Ariel Hameon on Cory Doctorow, and Joan Gordon on Kit Reed (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

John J. Pierce on being editor of Galaxy, Michael Swanwick on Greer Gilman, Brian Stableford on Speculative Japan, Amy J. Ransom on L. Timmel DuChamp, Niall Harrison on Paul DiFilippo's stories, and Henry Wessells on Jan Morris (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Henry Wessells navigates John Clute's lexicon of horror, Judith Kerman explores masks, an interview with Sam Hamm, two views of Michael Flynn's Eifelheim, Jenny Blackford on Paul Witcover, Janine Stinson on Susan Palwick, Kathryn Morrow on Jack McDevitt, John Clute on John C. Wright, and Paul Kincaid on Jo Walton (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Focus on David Drake with interview, review and two essays, plus Oscar De Los Santos on Norman Spinrad, Michael Bishop on Rhys Hughes, Paul Kincaid on Ken McLeod, Greg Johnson on Joel Shepherd, Lisa Padol on Kim Wilkins, and Michael Levy on Chris Roberson (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Mike Barrett on M.P. Shiel's short stories, John Clute on Thomas Pynchon, Graham Sleight on Charles Stross, Joe Sanders on James E. Gunn, Jenny Blackford on Nina Kiriki Hoffman, David Mead on Rebecca K. Rowe, Matthew Appleton on Tim Pratt, and Paul Kincaid on David Louis Edelman (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Jason Van Hollander interviews John Clute, L.E. Modesitt Jr on misinformation, John Clute on Peter Watts, Joseph Milicia on Lara Parker, Nader Elhefnawy on Michael Moorcock, and David Mead on Gregory Benford (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Brian Stableford on the impossibility of SF, Thomas F. Bertonneau on Leigh Brackett, John D. Squires on M.P. Shiel, Henry Wessells on Lovecraft and Wandrei, Eugene Reynolds on posthumous Heinlein, Russell Blackford on Bruce Sterling, and Niall Harrison on Sonya Taaffe (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Matt Cardin interviews Thomas Ligotti, David Hartwell on space opera part 3, Michael Lohr interviews Peter Straub, Niall Harrison on Simon Ings, Michael Levy on John L. Flynn, Alice K. Turner on Diana Wynne Jones, Greg L. Johnson on Terry Bisson, and Ursula Pflug on Maureen McHugh (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

David L. Wheat Jr on classic alien bugs, David Hartwell on space opera, two views of Lisa Tuttle's The Mysteries, David Mead on Peter Hamilton, Greg L. Johnson on Walter Jon Williams, Michael Levy on Neal Asher, Ursula Pflug on Iain M. Banks, and Michael Swanwick asks Samuel R. Delany about Santa Claus (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Bob Eldridge on two Victorian women, Michael Bishop queries Bruce Holland Rogers, Robert Friedman slam-dunks J.G. Ballard, Alice Turner in Barrytown, Joan Gordon on Justina Robson, and Mark Rich on Larissa Lai (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Brian Stableford on the space opera renaissance, Kevin J. Maroney on genre through superheroes, Michael Levy on Neal Asher's dark future, Stacie Hanes on James Patrick Kelly's Burn, Martin Lewis interrogates the Aurealis Award, Graham Sleight on Vernor Vinge's rainbow future, and David Drake on selling and selling out (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Boyd Petersen on L'Eve future, Joe Sanders on Chad Oliver's SF, Donald M. Hassler on Gary Westfahl, Mike Levy on R. Garcia y Robertson, David Mead on Mark Tiedemann, Paul Kincaid on Samuel R. Delany, and Joseph Milicia on Kage Baker (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Adam Robert's Clarke Award survey, Kessel & Kelly on slipstream, Lucy Kemnitzer on Justina Robson, Charles Oberndorf on Robert Charles Wilson, Alexandre Donald on M. John Harrison, Michael Levy on John Barnes, and David Mead on Larry Niven (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Graham Sleight on John M. Ford, John Clute on Christopher Priest, K.J. Bishop on Richard Calder, Madeline Malan on Masamune Shirow, Matthew Appleton on John Scalzi, and Kris Dikeman on Jack Cady (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Michael Bishop illuminates Bruce Holland Rogers's aesthetics, Roger Zelazney's occasional demigods, Michael Levy on teenagers in malls, David Griffin on King Kong, John Clute on David Marusek, Adam Roberts on Frederic Jameson, and Joan Gordon on Gunn & Candelaria (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Sylvia Kelso on Patricia McKillip, L. Timmel Duchamp on Joanna Russ, Eugene Reynolds on Tanith Lee, Lucy Kemnitzer on Maureen McHugh, Russell Blackford on Peter Brigg, and Niall Harrison on Michael Cunningham (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Paul Di Filippo on Harlan Ellison's shorts; Heidi Tighe on Delia Sherman; Michael Swanwick on The Fringe; Walter Minkel on Kenneth Oppel; Ursula Pflug on Tesseracts Nine; Adam Volk on Tim Powers's stories; Joseph Milicia on Jan Johnson-Smith; and David Mead on Richard Buettner (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Exaggerated reports of the Death of Science Fiction; an interview with Tom Purdom; Donald M. Hassler on Robert J. Sawyer; David Mead on Robert Reed; Mark Rich on Philip K. Dick; Graham Sleight on Peter Watts; Greg Johnson on Gillian Bradshaw (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Jean-Louis Trudel on Little Green Men, Rudy Rucker on Charles Stross, Brian Attebury on George MacDonald and C.S. Lewis, Joan Gordon on Suzy McKee Charnas, Philip E. Smith on Alastair Reynolds, and Jenny Blackford on James Morrow (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Samuel R. Delany introduces his new collection of essays; Barry Malzberg, Gene Wolfe & David Hartwell praise David Drake; Kit Reed on paranoia; Michael Swanwick on Henry Darger; David Hartwell on Karen Joy Fowler; Martin Lewis on Michael Blumlein; and Marilyn Brahen on Laura Anne Gilman (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Michael Moorcock on R.C. Sherriff, Bob Eldridge on Mark David Chapman – SF Fan, Tom La Farge on Gregory Feeley's Arabia, Farah Mendlesohn on Roger Luckhurst on SF, Joan Gordon on Suzy McKee Charnas, Jenny Blackford on Paul Park's Roumania, and Joseph Milicia on DeWitt Kilgore's Astrofuturism (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Ariel Hameon on Jeffrey Allen Tucker's Delany, Paul Kincaid on Steve Erickson, Boyd Petersen on transgenerational Frankenstein, Michael Moorcock on Brian Aldiss, John Clute on Scott Westerfield, and Dan'l Danehy-Oakes on the return of Thomas Covenant (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Brian Aldiss on Solzhenitsyn, Samuel R. Delany on Theodore Sturgeon, Michael Swanwick's Lexicon of Mirrlees's Lud, John Clute on Charles Stross, Gwyneth Jones on Joanna Russ, James Mann on Clifford D. Simak, and Greg Frost on Lin Carter (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Michael Moorcock on the Subversive, Milan M. Cirkovic on Schroeder's Permanence, Karl Schroeder on Both Sides Now, Robert Guffey on the Periphery, Joseph Milicia on Edging into the Future, Ursula Pflug on Matthew Hughes, Jenny Blackford on Bruce Holland Rogers, and L. Timmel DuChamp on Meredith Sue Willis (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

David Griffin visits the Neue Galerie, Adam Roberts considers the Arthur C. Clarke Shortlist 2005, Jenny Blackford and Henry Wessells on Jennifer Stevenson's Trash Sex magic, John Scalzi learns from Heinlein, John Clute on Jack Vance, and Charles Oberndorf on John Varley (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Grania Davis and Henry Wessells on Avram Davidson's The Scarlet Fig, Avram Davidson on collaboration, Ursula Pflug on Nalo Hopkinson, Gregory Benford & Martin Hoffert on Michael Crichton's SF and science, and Tom Shippey on Peter Weston (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Damien Broderick on the afterlife as SF; Tom Shippey on two views of Middle-Earth; Ursula Pflug dreams and tells; John Clute gets lost in Peter Straub; Joe Sutliff Sanders at the Crossroads; Graham Sleight on what makes a story; and Paul Kincaid on the plot against alternate history (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Michael Swanwick and Barbara Bengels on Eileen Gunn, J.G. Stinson's life in SF, Michael Andre-Driussi on anime, Walter Minkel on Greg Bear, and Joe Sanders on Gregory Benford (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Andrew Matveev meets Michael Swanwick; John Clute on Michael Chabon's Detection, Robert J. Sawyer on SF and social Change, two views of Elizabeth Hand's Mortal Love, Russell Blackford on Damien Broderick, Graham Sleight on Ken McLeod, and Michael Swanwick asks Eileen Gunn a single question (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Gwyneth Jones considers sex and power, John Clute on Gene Wolfe's steganography, Alberto Chimal on Cuban fantasist Yoss, Eugene Reynolds on Janis Ian's anthology, Damian Kilby on Jay Lake, and Joan Gordon on Samuel R. Delany (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Tom La Farge on the particular and the general; Lee Weinstein and the quest for the worst; Steve Cockayne on inspirations to the fantastic; David Drake accidentally like a writer; Philip Lawson interviewed by Michael Bishop and Paul Di Filippo; plus reviews of Hendrix, Campbell, Stross and others (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Farah Mendelsohn and John Clute on Susanna Clarke, Ariel Hameon on Charles Stross, Ian Elmsley on Gwyneth Jones and James Lovegrove, Adrian Pocobelli on J.G. Ballard, David Mead on Peter Hamilton, and Damien Broderick on Bruce Sterling (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Graham Sleight makes sense of Damon Knight's Humpty Dumpty, Gabriel Trujillo Munoz on Jorge Carrera Andrade's Latin American vision, Mark Rich on the narrative voice of two Allen Steel stories, Jeremy Adam Smith on SF film directors, David Mead on M. John Harrison, Paul Kincaid on Kim Stanley Robinson, and Greg Beatty on Marleen Barr's anthology (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Brian Stableford on the theory of fantasy, Joan Gordon on a new edition of H.G. Wells' The War of the Worlds, Farah Mendlesohn on using SF in the not-SF world, and Michael Bishop on David Langford's SF parodies (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Farah Mendlesohn on cognitive development and SF for children, Alice Turner on female werewolves, Mark Rich rediscovers magazine SF, plus Philip Snyder on Ian Watson, Joseph Milicia on Brian Attebury, and John Clute on Nalo Hopkinson (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Brian Stableford on Guy de Maupassant's "L'Homme de Mars", Jenny Blackford and Kathleen Ann Goonan on Elisabeth Vonarburg's Dreams of the Sea, Richard Parent on Robert Sawyer's utopian dystopia, Walter Minkel on Philip Reeve's Mortal Engines, and Paul Kincaid on Karen L. Hellekson's The Science Fiction of Cordwainer Smith (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Jim Killus on Fritz Leiber and Louise Brooks, Damien Broderick's life in SF, Robert Reed on his Marrow stories, Zoran Zivkovic on his Fourth Circle, what James Dean means to Jack Dann, what James Morrow thinks about storytelling, and Bruce Baugh on SF and game design (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Brian Atterbury on Eleanor Arneson's Ring of Swords, Allen M. Steele reassesses When Worlds Collide, Jeff VanderMeer on Michael Moorcock, Mark Rich on the debut issue of Alchemy, Greg Beatty on Ellen Datlow's The Dark, and Kathryn Morrow on the Aurora Awards (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

David Ketterer on the life and work of John Wyndham, and the genesis of the Triffids; an interview with Lloyd Arthur Eshbach; F. Paul Wilson and John Clute on Robert Heinlein's For Us, the Living; Jenny Blackford on The Complete Tolkien Companion; Henry Wessells on S.T. Joshi's Lovecraft's Library (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Brian Aldiss on H.G. Wells, Neil Gaiman & Gene Wolfe discuss The Knight and Lawrence Person & Dan'l Danehy-Oakes review it, Graham Sleight reviews His Dark Materials, and Philip Snyder on Michael Swanwick's Cigar Box (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

David Brin interrogates Christopher Priest's The Separation, Alec Austin on the exhaustion in epic fantasy, David Hartwell on Middle-High Sturgeon, Ken McLeod on What SF Is About, plus an interview with Orson Scott Card (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Michael Swanwick tours the SF world; Lucius Shepard introduces Avram Davidson; Jenny Blackford on SFWA's Authors Emeritus; Joe Sutcliff Sanders on Cosmos Latinos; John Clute on Ian MacLeod; J.G. Stinson on James Tiptree Jr; and Graham Sleight on Charles Stross (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Bernadette Brodsky on religious best sellers and supernatural belief, Jeremy Smith looks at Atwood and Bradbury, Mark Rich reviews speculative poetry, Greer Watson's new taxonomy of the fantastic, Joan Gordon on Charlaine Harris's vampires, Michael Levy on Glen Cook's detective, and Dan'l Danehy-Oakes on Alan Troop's dragons (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Terence M. Green on growing older and wiser, Graham Sleight on van Vogt's short fiction, Joseph Milicia on A. Merritt's Metal Monster, Russell Blackford on Jasper Fforde, Richard Parent on William Rotsler, Walter Minkel on Allen Steele's Coyote, and fiction by Henry Wessells (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Russell Blackford scrutinizes Patterson & Thornton's book on Heinlein, John Squires remembers William B. Seabrook, John Clute on Charles Platt's criticism, Greg Beatty on the first book on Thomas Ligotti, and Damien Broderick on John Barnes's Duke (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Candas Jane Dorsey says farewell to the literature of ideas, Mark Tiedemann revisits the "SF as Literature" argument, Gregory Frost on which way the winds blow, Greg Beatty on the return of the dead, Michael Bishop on Suzy McKee Charnas's dad, Jenny Blackford on Rosematy Kirstein, and Jeremy Smith on Michael Flynn's River (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Anna Sunshine Ison on fantasies of wrestling, Alice K. Turner and Walter Minkel approach Diana Wynne Jones with enthusiasm, Jeeny Blackford on Gene Wolfe's Return to the Whorl, Eugene Reynolds on Jeffrey Ford's The Fantasy Writer's Assistant and Other Stories, Damien Broderick on Cory Doctorow's Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, and Faren Miller on K.J. Bishop's The Etched City (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Candas Jane Dorsey on inner space, Ariel Hameon on ambitious anthologies, Farah Mendelsohn on recent Kid Lit, John Clute on Adam Roberts, Kathryn Morrow on Sarah Singleton, Russell Blackford on The Hard SF Renaissance, Greg Johnson on Sean McMullen, and Joe Milicia on Babylon 5 (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

A gallery and appreciation of the mid-20th-century futurist illustrator Arthur Radebaugh; an interview with William Gibson and appreciation of his Pattern Recognition; John Clute on Linda Nagata; Gwyneth Jones on Elizabeth Moon; Helen Pilinovsky on Jonathan Carroll; and Tanine Allison on Rob Latham (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Michael Bishop reflects on his stories, Dave Smeds on his turning points, Damien Broderick on The Judas Mandala, Joe Sanders on Theodore Sturgeon's importance, David Griffin on Salman Rushdie, and Graham Sleight on The Hard SF Renaissance (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock
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