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New York Review of Science Fiction cover

New York Review of Science Fiction

Subject: Science Fiction / Reviews & Criticism
Category: Magazine
Country of Origin: USA

Engaging and provocative essays, thoughtful and informed reviews, and topical comment for the SF field.

    Twenty-one time Hugo Award nominee!
    Remains by far the most reliably published and probably the most interesting and accessible of the more scholarly oriented 'criticalzines'
    Gardner Dozois, Year's Best SF
    A literate review of the sf field, with a good mix of critical reviews, commentary, articles ... The reviews are long, discerning, and written by well-known figures in the field ... For any library that supports an active science fiction readership, The New York Review of Science Fiction is a 'best buy.'
    Library Journal

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#176 to current | #151 to #175 | #126 to #150 | #101 to #125 | #76 to #100 | #51 to #75

Brian W. Aldiss, Introduction to The War of the Worlds (Part I)"; Gordon Van Gelder, "The Shining Sun of Magic"; Greg Bear's Anvil of Stars reviewed by John Clute; Susan Palwick's Flying in Place reviewed by Tony Daniel; "Open Replies" to Susan Palwick's "Believing (In) Fiction"; reading list by Larry Niven (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Samuel R. Delany, "Zelazny/Varley/Gibson and Quality, Part II"; Joe Sanders, "United States or Ouroboros: Heinlein's Double Star"; Maureen McHugh's China Mountain Zhang reviewed by Gwyneth Jones; Kenneth Morris's The Chalchiuhite Dragon reviewed by William M. Schuyler, Jr.; reading list by Dennis Etchison (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Samuel R. Delany, "Zelazny/Varley/Gibsonand Quality"; Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling's The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Fifth Annual Collection reviewed by Arthur Byron Cover; Robert Sheckley, "Memories of the Fifties" (pt. I); Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash reviewed by Gwyneth Jones and by Howard Hendrix (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Damien Broderick, "Reading SF as a Mega-Text"; Peter J. Heck, Greg Cox, and Shira Daemon, "Three Views of Two Guys From the Future"; Susan Palwick, "Believing (In) Fiction"; Ramsey Campbell's Waking Nightmares reviewed by Stefan Dziemianowicz; Earl Wells, "The Rule of the Game", reading list by Geoff Ryman (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Joan Gordon, "Autobiographical Science Fiction and Möbius Strips: Joe Haldeman's The Hemingway Hoax"; Allen Steele, "Hard Again"; Howard V. Hendrix, "Memories of the Sun, Perceptions of Eclipse";Larry Dark's The Literary Ghost reviewed by Brian Stableford; Tim Powers's Last Call reviewed by Kevin Helfenbein (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Brian Stableford, "C.S. Lewis and the Decline of Scientific Romance"; Barry N. Malzberg, "Some Reflections on Freud, Fantasy & the Jewish Condition"; Jonathan Carroll's Outside the Dog Museum reviewed by Rachel Pollack; Tom Maddox's Halo reviewed by Leonard Rysdyk; reading lists by Steve Rasnic Tem and James Cappio (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

James Cappio, "A Long Guide to K.W. Jeter"; Robert Killheffer, "The Legacy of Columbus: The Lost Races"; The Child Garden reviewed by Bruce Holland Rogers; reading lists by David A. Smith and Don Keller (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Frank Dietz, "An Interview with Bruce Bethke"; J. G. Ballard's The Kindness of Women reviewed by Charles Platt; Marge Piercy's He, She and It reviewed by John Clute; David Ketterer, "The Establishment of Canadian Science Fiction" (pt. 2); reading lists by Phyllis Gotlieb, Élisabeth Vonarburg, et al (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

David Ketterer, "The Establishment of Canadian Science Fiction" (pt. 1 of 2); Michael Swanwick, "Nine Short Fiction Reviews" ; Michael Swanwick's Gravity's Angels reviewed by Alexander Jablokov; Alexei Panshin, "Greater Work and Lesser Work." (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

James Morrow, "A Meditation on War Stars: The Superweapon and the American Imagination by H. Bruce Franklin"; Patrick McGrath's and Bradford Morrow's (eds.) The New Gothic reviewed by Gene Wolfe; Barry Parker's Cosmic Time Travel reviewed by Larry Niven; Jack Vance's Ecce and Old Earth reviewed by Arthur B. Cover (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Nicholas Ruddick, "Is There Any British Science Fiction? A Serious Inquiry"; Frederik Pohl, "Is SFWA Real?"; Eduardo Galleano's The Book of Embraces reviewed by Rachel Pollack; David G. Hartwell, "The Best SF of the '70s"; Karen Joy Fowler's Sarah Canary reviewed by John Clute; reading list by Jonathan Carroll (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

David G. Hartwell, "Notes on the Evolution of Horror Literature"; Joe Sanders, "At the Frontiers of the Fantastic: Thomas Harris's The Silence of the Lambs"; Pamela Dean's Tam Lin reviewed by Delia Sherman; Carol Emshwiller's The Start of the End of It All reviewed by Gwyneth Jones; reading list by Kathryn Cramer (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Alexei Panshin, "When the Quest Ended"; Paul Park, "The Shadow of Hard Science Fiction"; Alexander Jablokov's Carve the Sky reviewed by Brian Stableford; Michael Swanwick, "Storyteller Rock" (Ninth in a series of "Writing in My Sleep"); Peter Emshwiller's The Host reviewed by Bryan Cholfin; reading list by Tom Maddox (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

James Cappio, "Through the Momus Glass: James P. Blaylock's The Paper Grail"; Arinn Dembo, "Impassion'd Clay: Tim Powers' The Stress of Her Regard"; Kate Wilhelm's Death Qualified and Damon Knight's A Reasonable World reviewed by Frank Dietz; Candas Jane Dorsey, "Deconstructing Deconstructing Vietnam." (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Paul Witcover, "A Metaphor for the Multiverse: Michael Moorcock's Mother London"; Arthur Byron Cover, "Just a Phase We're Going Through: Paul M. Sammon's Splatterpunks: Extreme Horror"; Gene Wolfe, "Smiling, She Met the Dragon"; reading list by Michael Kandel (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Alexei Panshin, "What's Wrong with SF?"; Alexei and Cory Panshin's The World Beyond the Hill: Science Fiction and the Quest for Transcendence reviewed by John Clute; I. P. Couliano and H. S. Wiesner, "The Secret Sequence"; Patricia A. McKillip's The Sorceress and the Cygnet reviewed by Delia Sherman; reading list by John Kessel (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Dan Simmons, "Childhood's End"; Richard Terra, "I Land in the Net"; Kathe Koja's The Cipher reviewed by Cy Chauvin and by Robert Deveraux; Greg Bear's Queen of Angels reviewed by Brian Stableford; Emma Bull's Bone Dance reviewed by Paula Marmor; George Alec Effinger's The Exile Kiss reviewed by Alexander Jablokov (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Kathryn Cramer, "The Horror Field Now"; Mimi Panitch, "Living Through Fiction"; Judith Moffett's The Ragged World reviewed by L. E. Modesitt, Jr. and by Gwyneth Jones; Glenn Grant, "An Interview with Guy Gavriel Kay"; Kim Newman's The Night Mayor reviewed by Jeff Clark; Alexei Panshin "Imaginative Limits." (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Donald G. Keller, "The Manner of Fantasy"; Lewis Shiner's When the Music's Over reviewed by James Morrow; Michael Swanwick, "Four Short Fiction Reviews"; Robert Sheckley's The Minotaur Maze reviewed by John J. Ordover; Christopher Hinz, "Subject: Object"; Dan Simmons' Summer of Night reviewed by David R. Herter (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Gregory Feeley, "The Evidence of Things Not Seen" (pt. 1 of 2); Barry N. Malzberg, "Repentance, Desire and Natalie Wood"; Pat Cadigan's Synners and Patterns reviewed by Elizabeth Hand; William M. Schuyler, Jr., "E. R. Eddison's Metaphysics of the Hero"; "Critics" by Michael Swanwick; reading list by Judith Moffett (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Gary K. Wolfe, "The Bear and the Aleph: Gregory Benford's Against Infinity"; A.C. Byatt's Possession reviewed by Samuel R. Delany; A.Bertram Chandler'sFrom Ship to Shining Star: A Memorial Volume reviewed by George Turner; Damien Broderick, "Sf and the Postmodern"; reading list by Lucius Shepard (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Barry N. Malzberg, "The Cloud Sculptor of Terminal X"; Ray Davis, "Who's That Banging at My Dori?"; Carol Emshwiller'sCarmen Dog reviewed by Karen Joy Fowler; Heather Schuler, "Screed" and Samuel R. Delany, "An Antiphon"; Kim Stanley Robinson's Pacific Edge reviewed by Tony Daniel; reading list by Michael Cadnum (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Gary K. Wolfe and Ellen R. Weil, "Harlan Ellison: An Introduction"; John Clute, "A Few Double Notes"; David Drake, "Elfin Pipes of Northworld"; David Wingrove's Chung Kuo reviewed by Richard Terra; Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling's The Year's Best Fantasy: Third Annual Collection reviewed by Robert Devereaux (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Arthur Byron Cover, "Cathedrals in Inner Space"; Ellen Datlow's Alien Sex reviewed by Gwyneth Jones; Kerem S. Bilgé, "Clifford Simak's Journey"; Greg Cox, Ongoing Excerpts from The Transylvanian Library; Michael Blumlein's The Brains of Rats reviewed by Donald G. Keller; Other Edens 3 reviewed by Glenn Grant (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Samuel R. Delany, "The Life of/and Writing"; Ellen R. Weil, "The Secret You: Fantasy and Story in Brian Aldiss's Mainstream Fiction (pt. 1 of 2)"; Jack Womack's Heathern reviewed by Victor Gonzalez; Terry Bisson's Voyage to the Red Planet reviewed by John Clute; lagniappe by Isaac Asimov, Larry Niven, and Joe Haldeman (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock
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