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New York Review of Science Fiction cover

New York Review of Science Fiction

Subject: Science Fiction / Reviews & Criticism
Category: Magazine
Country of Origin: USA

Engaging and provocative essays, thoughtful and informed reviews, and topical comment for the SF field.

    Twenty-one time Hugo Award nominee!
    Remains by far the most reliably published and probably the most interesting and accessible of the more scholarly oriented 'criticalzines'
    Gardner Dozois, Year's Best SF
    A literate review of the sf field, with a good mix of critical reviews, commentary, articles ... The reviews are long, discerning, and written by well-known figures in the field ... For any library that supports an active science fiction readership, The New York Review of Science Fiction is a 'best buy.'
    Library Journal

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David Alexander Smith, "He. Asimov: The Good Doctor as Seen Through His Late Works (Part I)"; Joyce Carol Oates's Haunted: Tales of the Grotesque reviewed by Stefan Dziemianowicz; The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, Seventh Annual Collection, edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling, reviewed by David Griffin (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Damien Broderick, "Minds, Modes, Models, Modules"; Russell Blackford, "Hi-tech, Samuel R. Delany, and the Transhuman Condition"; Gene Wolfe's Bibliomen reviewed by Don Webb; Brian W. Aldiss, "Between Privy and Universe: Aldous Huxley (1894-1963)"; reading lists by Jack Cady, M. John Harrison, et al. (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Bernadette Bosky, "Haunting and Healing: Memory and Guilt in the Fiction of Peter Straub"; The Ascent of Wonder: The Evolution of Hard Science Fiction, edited by David G. Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer, reviewed by Brian Attebery; Michael Bishop's Brittle Innings reviewed by Gordon Van Gelder; and more (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Richard Gess, "Notes on Hypertext: One Artist's State, 1992-1994"; Charles Platt, "Why Hypertext Doesn't Really Work"; Don Webb, "The Future Book"; Jack Cady's Inagehi and The Sons of Noah reviewed by Fred Chappell; Brian Stableford, "The Last Chocolate Bar... (Part II)"; reading lists by Ellen Datlow et al (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Brian Stableford, "The Last Chocolate Bar and the Majesty of Truth: Reflections on the concept of 'Hardness' in Science Fiction (Part I)"; Melissa Scott's Trouble and Her Friends reviewed by John Clute; Octavia Butler's Parable of the Sower reviewed by Nicola Griffith; reading lists by Suzy McKee Charnas and John Crowley (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Special Philip K. Dick Issue! Paul C. Tumey, "The First Annual Philip K. Dick Convention: Opening Address"; "Philip K. Dick: The Greatest Novels" (panel); "Memories and Visions: Fans and Fellow Writers Remember Philip K. Dick"; plus James Patrick Kelly's first "Brief Encounters: The Magazine Review"; more reviews (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

John McDaid, "Luddism, Sf, and the Aesthetics of Electronic Fiction"; Harlan Ellison's Angry Candy reviewed by Gene Wolfe; Felisberto Hernández's Piano Stories reviewed by Thomas Wiloch; The Year's Best Science Fiction, Tenth Annual Collection, edited by Gardner Dozois, reviewed by Arthur Byron Cover (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

David G. Hartwell, "Aspects of Hard Science Fiction"; Kim Stanley Robinson's Green Mars reviewed by Paul Preuss; Suzy McKee Charnas's The Furies reviewed by Gwyneth Jones; Thomas Ligotti's Noctuary reviewed by Stefan Dziemianowicz; John Crowley's Antiquities: Seven Stories reviewed by Michael Bishop (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Michael Bishop, "James Morrow and Towing Jehovah"; Brian Aldiss, "Elsewhere, Elsewhat?"; Peter Beagle's The Innkeeper's Song reviewed by Susan Palwick; Jonathan Lethem's Gun, With Occasional Music reviewed by Marc Laidlaw; Michael Blumlein's X, Y reviewed by John Clute; reading lists by Nancy Kress et al (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Stuart Moulthrop, "Electronic Fictions and 'The Lost Game of Self'"; Joyce Carol Oates, "Reflections on the Grotesque"; James Patrick Kelly's Wildlife reviewed by Howard V. Hendrix; Robin Roberts's A New Species: Gender and Science in Science Fiction reviewed by Melissa Scott; recommended short fiction of 1993 (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Gregory Benford, "Real Science, Imaginary Worlds"; Worried Correspondents, "Miss Manners of Fantasy"; Haruki Murakami's The Elephant Vanishes reviewed by Michael Bishop; Lewis Shiner's Glimpses reviewed by Ray Davis; Jonathan Carroll's After Silence reviewed by Gregory Feeley; recommended books of 1993 (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

John Clute, "Marrying Out: The Year in SF, 1992"; Dan Simmons's Lovedeath reviewed by Stefan Dziemianowicz; Terry Bisson's Bears Discover Fire reviewed by Karen Joy Fowler; Janeen Webb, The Vampire of Shalott; Eleanor Arnason's Ring of Swords reviewed by Lisa Tuttle; reading lists by Paul Preuss and Poppy Z. Brite (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Sarah Smith, "Electronic Fiction: The State of the Art"; Kathryn Cramer, "On Science and Science Fiction"; James Tiptree, Jr., "A Genius Darkly: A Letter to Ted White on Philip K. Dick"; Alexander Jablokov's Nimbus reviewed by Shira Daemon; William Gibson's Virtual Light reviewed by Jonathan Lethem (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

David G. Hartwell, "Hard Science Fiction"; The Norton Book of Science Fiction, edited by Ursula K. Le Guin and Brian Attebery, reviewed by Brian Stableford; Nancy Kress's Beggars in Spain reviewed by John Clute; Gwyneth Jones's White Queen reviewed by Howard Hendrix; reading list by Gordon Van Gelder (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Michael Bishop, "Read This: An Extended-Play Self-Indulgence"; Jean-Louis Trudel, "The Québec Scene"; John Clute's and Peter Nicholls's The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction reviewed by David G. Hartwell; Robert Bloch's Once Around the Bloch reviewed by Richard A. Lupoff; reading list by Michael Blumlein (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Joe Sanders, "Breaking the Circle? Robert A. Heinlein's The Door into Summer"; James Tiptree, Jr., "From a Spoken Journal: Thinking About Heinlein, et al., 1971"; Ray Davis, "Five Stories by Martha Soukup"; Damien Broderick's The Dark Between the Stars reviewed by Richard A. Lupoff (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Judith Merril, "Better to Have Loved: From a Memoir-in-Progress"; Damien Broderick, "of Science Fiction"; David J. Skal's The Monster Show reviewed by Greg Cox; Lucius Shepard's The Golden reviewed by Stefan Dziemianowicz; reading lists by Gregory Benford, Alfred Coppel, and Jack Williamson (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Terry Bisson, "Science Fiction and the Post-Apollo Blues"; Connie Willis's Doomsday Book reviewed by Joan Gordon; Avram Davidson's Adventures in Unhistory reviewed by Don Webb; The Oxford Book of Science Fiction Stories edited by Tom Shippey, reviewed by John Clute; reading list by Brian Aldiss (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

William M. Schuyler, Jr, "Portrait of the Artist as a Jung Man: Love, Death and Art in J.G. Ballard's Vermilion Sands (Part I)"; Élisabeth Vonarburg, "So You Want to Be a Science Fiction Writer?"; Norman Spinrad's Deus X reviewed by Earl Wells; Helen Collins's Mutagenesisreviewed by Gwyneth Jones (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

David J. Skal, "The Graveyard Bash: Horror in the Sixties"; Rebecca Ore "Aliens and the Artificial Other"; Patricia Anthony's Cold Allies reviewed by Alexander Jablokov; Simon Ings's Hot Head reviewed by Robert Killheffer; Bradley Denton's Blackburn reviewed by Robert Devereaux; reading lists by Robert Silverberg et al. (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

John Kessel, "The Brother From Another Planet: Science Fiction vs. Mainstream Short Stories"; Kate Wilhelm's And the Angels Sing reviewed by F. Brett Cox; Pat Cadigan's Fools reviewed by Nicola Griffith; Brian Attebery's Strategies of Fantasy reviewed by Richard Terra; reading lists by Gregory Frost and Tony Daniel (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Richard Terra, "Shades of Rose and Red: Nostalgic and Visionary Images of the Human Exploration of Mars"; Michael Andre-Driussi, "A Closer Look at the Brown Book: Gene Wolfe's Five-Faceted Myth"; Jack Womack's Elvissey reviewed by Jonathan Lethem; Nicola Griffith's Ammonite reviewed by Gwyneth Jones (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

David J. Skal, "Drive-Ins are a Ghoul's Best Friend: Horror in the Fifties"; Dan Simmons's The Hollow Man reviewed by Kevin G. Helfenbein; Greg Egan's Quarantine reviewed by Brian Stableford; Kipling's Science Fiction and Kipling's Fantasy, presented by John Brunner, reviewed by Jennifer K. Stevenson (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

David J. Skal, "The Dance of Dearth: Horror in the Eighties"; Brian Stableford, "The Redemption of the Infimal"; Alexander Jablokov's A Deeper Sea reviewed by John Clute; Brian Stableford's The Werewolves of London reviewed by Robert Killheffer; reading lists by Allen Steele and James D. Hornfischer (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Eileen Gunn and Kathleen Ann Goonan, "Two Takes on Geoff Ryman's Was"; Sanuel R. Delany, "The Future of the Bodyand Science Fiction and Technology"; Michael Bishop's Count Geiger's Blues reviewed by Pascal J. Thomas; reading lists by Walter Jon Williams, Marc Laidlaw, and Nicola Griffith (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock
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