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New York Review of Science Fiction cover

New York Review of Science Fiction

Subject: Science Fiction / Reviews & Criticism
Category: Magazine
Country of Origin: USA

Engaging and provocative essays, thoughtful and informed reviews, and topical comment for the SF field.

    Twenty-one time Hugo Award nominee!
    Remains by far the most reliably published and probably the most interesting and accessible of the more scholarly oriented 'criticalzines'
    Gardner Dozois, Year's Best SF
    A literate review of the sf field, with a good mix of critical reviews, commentary, articles ... The reviews are long, discerning, and written by well-known figures in the field ... For any library that supports an active science fiction readership, The New York Review of Science Fiction is a 'best buy.'
    Library Journal

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#176 to current

Paul Kincaid on New Wave Fabulism, Greg Beatty on Steven Barnes's Lion's Blood, Gregory Benford on Stephen Baxter's Riding the Rock, Andrew Weiner on Walter Tevis's legacy, Graham Sleight on Poul Anderson's Going for Infinity, and John Clute on Pete Hamill's Forever (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Paul Pipkin on W.B. Seabrook's influence, Gillian Dooley on Doris Lessing's SF series, James Morrow on Terry Bisson, Howard Hendrix on Jim Munroe, Philip E. Smith on Heinlein's fantasy fiction, Michael Levy on Kate Elliott's Jaran, and Alec Austin on Michael Chabon's Summerland (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Anne Sydenham on Edward Whittemore, Arthur D. Hlavaty measures Robert Sheckley, Henry Wessells on Tom LaFarge's novels, John Clute on Jeff Noon, Gwyneth Jones on Carol Emshwiller, Russell Blackford on Ken McLeod, and Graham Sleight on Alastair Reynolds (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Michael Bishop talks about writing, John Clute on James White's fiction, Paul Kincaid considers the stories of Greg Bear and Vernor Vinge, Kate Bonin on gay sex and death in the SF of Orson Scott Card, Damien Broderick on John Clute's Appleseed, and Ariel Hameon on Maureen McHugh's Nekropolis (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Michael Swanwich interviews Gardner Dozois, Walter Minkel on the young adult fantasy boom, Zoran Zivkovic's overlapping realities, Henry Wessells on Rudy Rucker's Spaceland, Kathryn Cramer probes Peter Crowther's Mars Probes,, Damien Broderick on John Wright, and Joe Sanders on Karl Schroeder (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Robert J. Sawyer on images of artificial intelligence in SF, Donald Kingsbury and Graham Sleight exchange views on psychohistory, Kathryn Cramer on Carter Scholtz's Radiance, and Jo Walton on John Barnes and the future (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

L. Timmel Duchamp on the beauty and terror of Carter Scholz's Radiance, Judith Berman on imagining the future, Paul Witcover on Graham Joyce's Smoking Poppy, David Langford on China Mieville's The Scar, and Graham Slieght on David Gerrold's The Martian Child (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Kim Coleman Healy on the Dorsai and the Bloodguard, Kate M. Southard on economic theory explored in SF, Robert Borski on Wolfe's Aubrey Veil, and Don Webb on secrets of writing (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Ariel Hameon on John Shirley, John Clute on Jules Verne, Howard Hendrix on Alan Dean Foster, Steve Mohn on Doris Lessing, and David G. Hartwell, Kathryn Cramer and Peter Watts on Hard SF (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Don Webb on R.A. Lafferty's magic, Tavis Allison on Ernest Hogan's sorcery, Claude Lalumiere on Richard A. Lupoff, Steven Silver on Anne McCaffrey's Pern politics, and Paul Kincaid on Tony Daniel's Metaplanetary (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Alan C. Elms psychoanalyses Cordwainer Smith, and Russell Blackford attends the 'Science Fiction & Biotechnology' conference in Greece (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Michael A. Arnzen on childhood and media literacy in Stephen King's The Girl Who Loved Tom Gorden, Tavis Allsion on art and music in John Barnes, John Clute on Patrick O'Leary's The Impossible Bird, Bruce Gillespie on Brian Aldiss's Supertoys, and Donald M. Hassler on Allen Steele's Chronospace (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Greg Bear's Guest of Honour speech to the 2001 World SF Convention, Barry Malzberg and David Drake on the fiction of Tom Godwin, Gregory Benford on science and SF, Bill Sheehan on John Crowley, and Russell Blackford on David Brin (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Bud Webster on the Complete Geoff Conklin, Paul Kincaid on 2000 and all the 'Year's Bests', Steve Mohn on why film is unimportant to SF, F. Brett Cox on W.P. Kinsella's baseball book, and Rob Latham on J.G. Ballard's Super-Cannes (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Graham Sleight on SF sell-by dates, Andy Patton on Guy Gavriel Kay and the New Sanctuary Mosaicist, Sondra Ford Swift on John Crowley's Daemonomania, Bud Webster on Frederik Pohl, and Paul Kincaid on Russell Hoban (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Greg Beatty on reason, sexuality and the self in libertarian SF novels, Michael Swanwick on how he wrote Stations of the Tide, Eugene J. Surowitz revisits Jules Verne, and David Mead on Alastair Reynolds's Revelation Space (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Russell Blackford on Arthur C. Clarke's Vision, Michael Bishop remembers early Dozois, G.T. Munoz on a Mexican classic of SF, Ariel Hameon on Rucker's Transcendence, Philip E. Smith on Ken MacLeod's dope-smoking saurians, and Donald M. Hassler on Stephen Baxter's spatial manifold (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Candas Jane Dorsey's praise of wetlands, Michael Swanwick sails through Earthsea, Robert Borski goes in search of Severian's lost sister, Tavis Alison reads Chip Delaney's private letters, Eugene Reynolds journeys to the highest altar, and Matthew Appleton revisits the future of war (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Greg Beatty on Ted Chiang's science magic, 'Whither SF?' – a chorus of responses, Eric Solstein samples Alfred Bester's notebooks, Graham Sleight on Bester redemolished, David Mead on Alastair Reynolds, Michael Bishop on Jonathan Carroll, Gregory Benford on John Canaday, and Philip Kaveny on T.A. Shippey (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Patricia McKillip relates to Tolkien, Tavis Allison tests Gwyneth Jones's Critical Principles, and Paul DiFilippo reveals himself, plus Mark Roberts on Jeff Noon's Cobralingus, Jenny Blackford on Lois McMaster Bujold's The Curse of Chalion, and Michael Levy on Linda Nagata's Limit of Vision (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

David Langford goes in search of John T. Sladek, Arinn Dembo gives tribute to Klarkash-Ton, Robert Borski hunts Wolf(e)s, Jeff VanderMeer anatomizes Jeffrey Ford, and Paul Kincaid goes to extremes with Kathe Koja (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Alejandro Jodorowsky's film version of Dune, Brian Attebery on myth and history in Molly Gloss's Wild Life and Alan Garner's Strandloper, Dan'l Danehy-Oakes on Nora Roberts, and Brian Stableford on Kristine Kathryn Rusch's Stories for an Enchanted Afternoon (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Judith Berman on SF settings today, Michael Swanwick on SF in nature, Brian Stableford on Hal Clement's stories, Arthur D. Hlavaty on Eric Frank Russell's stories, Terry Weyna on Jane Yolen's stories, Leslie What on Howard Waldrop's circus, and John D. Squires on M.P. Shiel's centennial (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

Josh Lukin on Philip K. Dick's success in Oakland, Lee Weinstein searches for Cordwainer Smith's 50-minute hour, two views of Ellen Datlow's Vanishing Acts, Candas Jane Dorsey on Brian Evenson, David Soyka on Strange Attractions, and Greg Johnson on Paul McAuley (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock

James Morrow explores the moral universe of Michael Bishop, Zoran Zivkovic concludes his stidy of Clarke's first contacts, plus reviews of new work by John Crowley, Ursula K. Le Guin, Hugo Gernsback, Joe Haldeman and others (A4, 24pp) N/A out of stock
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