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Nailed by the Heart
by Simon Clark

Subject: Horror
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton (UK)

Edition Our Price inc. p&p Status
hardback, 360pp, ISBN 0340625724, 1995 N/A out of print
signed mass market paperback, 360pp, ISBN 0340625732, 1995 UK: £75.00
Europe: £85.04
USA: £87.34
Elsewhere: £87.79
in stock

Nailed by the Heart cover

When Chris and Ruth Stainforth move to a pleasant coastal village to start a new life with their six-year-old son, David, it seems like a dream come true. Or so they think.

But they have no way of knowing that the village was once a sacred site for the old religion. And that the old God is not dead – just waiting.

Already its Power stirs, changing supernaturally what it touches. It ought to herald the dawn of an age of miracles. But when the Power arouses the sleeping horror-cargo of a ship that sank thirty years ago, the magic is tainted. And Chris, Ruth and David find themselves right in the path of a living-dead nightmare made all too murderously real...