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Nasty Piece of Work cover

Nasty Piece of Work

Subject: Horror
Category: Magazine
Country of Origin: UK

Nasty Piece of Work is a quarterly magazine of morbid, sick and macabre horror fiction and poetry publishing new work from both established writers and talented newcomers. Slick and smartly produced, Nasty provides a valuable market for intelligent contemporary horror literature that lies towards the extreme end of the genre. Not for the squeamish or the easily-shocked.

    Prime cuts of fresh meaty horror fiction ... not nice at all!
    Dragon's Breath
    Nasty fairly drips with style ... highly recommended

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Fiction by Tim Lebbon, Ben Wilensky, Teri A. Jacobs, Tony Mileman, Monica J. O'Rourke, Ian Hunter, Mark Astley, Michael McCarty, Rhys Hughes, jon g, Tim Lavier, Jane Fell, Suzannah Baker, Rain Graves, Michael Ratcliffe, Steve Conway, Brian Maycock, Chad Hensley, and Ross Campbell (A5, 84pp) N/A out of print

Fiction and poetry by Paul Finch, Michael Kelly, Alexa deMonterice, Chad Hensley, Gary Greenwood, Tim Lebbon, Simon Logan, Tony Mileman, Helen Kitson, Alec Worley, Nancy Bennett, Mark Astly, Rhys Hughes, Bobbi Sinha-Morey, Marni Scofidio Griffin, John Moralee, Monica J. O'Rourke, Ross Campbell, and Steve Conway (A5, 88pp) N/A out of print

Fiction and poetry by Jason Gould, Mark McLaughlin, Peter Tennant, Brian Maycock, Jim Carruth, Simon Bestwick, Tony Mileman, Elle Ludkin, Carol Anne Davis, Jane Fell, Mark Howard Jones, Michael Ratcliffe, Simon Morse, Paul Pinn, Kenneth H. Wood, Steve Conway, Marni Scofidio Griffin, Stuart Young, Chad Hensley, and Paul Finch (A5, 88pp) N/A out of print

Fiction and poetry by Carol Anne Davis, Joel Lane, Paul Pinn, jon g, Mark McLaughlin, Robert Bagnall, Helen Kitson, Tim Lebbon, Simon Bestwick, Steve Conway, Kathryn Hannah Trent, Joan McCallum, Darren Floyd, Elle Ludkin, D.F. Lewis, Jim Lee, Monika J. O'Rourke, Liz Bentley, Marni Scofidio Griffin, Marie Williams, Clare Gunther, Paul Finch, and Rhys Hughes (A5, 92pp) N/A out of print

Fiction and poetry by Peter Tennant, Simon Bestwick, Jim DeWitt, Joel Lane, Steve Conway, Helen Kitson, P.C. Attaway, Nancy Bennett, John Pelan, Giovanni Malito, Tim Lebbon, Carol Anne Davis, Mark McLaughlin & Marni Griffin, Ian Hunter, R.J. Krijnen-Kemp, Paul Finch, Rhys Hughes, Ralph Greco Jr, Jane Fell, Stuart Christopher, Dorothy Davies, Jon G., and Jason Gould (A5, 88pp) N/A out of print

Fiction and poetry by Gerard Daniel Houarner, R.G. Riel, Simon Bestwick, Martyn Blake, R.J. Krijnen-Kemp, Matthew Firth, Mark Astley, Clare Gunther, Tim Lebbon, Simon Woodward, T. Kretz, Ralph Greco Jr, Paul Pinn, D.F. Lewis, Christine Plant, Marni Scofidio Griffin, Peter Tennant, Stuart Young, Ian Hunter, Andrew Roberts, John Saxton, Jim DeWitt, and Dietmar Trommeshauser (A5, 88pp) N/A out of print

Fiction and poetry by Paul Pinn, Tim Lebbon, Ian Hunter, James Lecky, Tim Lavier, Jane Fell, Rhys Hughes, Clifford Thurlow, Michael Ratcliffe, David Cowdall, Simon Woodward, jon g, Uncle River, Gary Greenwood, R.G. Riel, Gary McMahon, Marc Harris, Dave Cooke, Steve Sneyd, and John Moralee (A5, 88pp) N/A out of print

Fiction and poetry by Stuart Hughes, Jason Gould, Marion Mathieu, Peter Smith, Sandré Clays, Paul Finch, Nancy Bennett, John Moralee, Peter Tennant, Michael Pendragon, Rhys Hughes, Uncle River, Tim Lebbon, Simon Bestwick, Stuart Young, Cathy Buburuz, Marc Harris, Michael Thomas Dillon, Andrew Hook, Ralph Greco Jr, Jane Fell, Rhys Hughes, and D.F. Lewis & Tim Lebbon (A5, 84pp) N/A out of print

Fiction and poetry by Paul Finch, Nancy Bennett, Jason Gould, Trevor Mendham, Marc Harris, Clifford Thurlow, Lyn McConchie, Thomas McColl, Tim Lebbon, D.F. Lewis, Sydney Venner, Marion Mathieu, Derek M. Fox, Tim Lebbon, Ralph Greco Jr, Mark Leon Collins, Peter Tennant, Trevor Denyer, John B. Ford, Andrew Cromby, Mark McLaughlin, and Rhys H. Hughes (A5, 80pp) N/A out of print

Fiction and poetry by Peter Tennant, John Moralee, Stuart J. Hughes, Nancy Bennett, Clifford Thurlow, Dennis McDade, Laurel Robertson, Lyn McConchie, Rhys H. Hughes, D.F. Lewis, Julia van Gorder, Elle Ludkin, Ralph Greco Jr, Matthew Brolly, Andrew Hook, Peter Smith, Clare Gunther, Thomas McColl, and Anthony Cawood (A5, 64pp) N/A out of print