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by Steve Sneyd & John Light

Subject: Poetry
Publisher: K.T. Publications (UK)

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first edition paperback, 60pp, ISBN 0907759181, 2001 N/A out of stock

Neolithon cover

Both Steve Sneyd and John Light write about the future. They gave a joint reading at the Newham Science Fiction Festival and more recently read at the Newcastle book launch of Iron Press's anthology Star Trek - The Poems. This is their first published collaboration, which grew out of the interest they also share in those cultures of the past that have left only stone remains and myths.

Those in our past sought to imprint their meaning in stones, as we in words – for Steve Sneyd, whose work is constantly haunted by the presence of past as much as future in what we call present, such traces, such workings, in the Yorkshire Pennines and elsewhere, demanded expression-by-poem. Hence his contribution to this work, his fortieth joint or solo collection.

A creative writing tutor since the late 1980s, after many years as a copywriter, Steve Sneyd has lived in Almondbury, near Huddersfield, since the 1960s. His poetry has been published in many countries and on the Internet, broadcast on BBC Radio Four's Stanza, and he has read at a number of festivals.

John Light is the author of three science fiction novels, of many short stories, poems, drawings, articles and papers, and of a series of children's books. Some of his poetry has been broadcast by the BBC.

His poems have been collected in Iconoclasms (Carmina, 1989), Lines of Light (Salzburg University Press, 1994), Skyscapes (Pentagraph, 1995), and Are These Rhymes Nonsense? (K.T. Publications, 1998). He edited and published the short anthology Mystery of the City. A one-man exhibition of his paintings and drawings entitled Light Work was held at Gallery 273 in London.