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No Space In Time
by John Light

Subject: Fantasy
Publisher: Photon Press (UK)

Edition Our Price inc. p&p Status
first edition trade paperback, A5, 112pp, ISBN 1897968183, 2002 UK: £4.00
Europe: £6.76
USA: £7.81
Elsewhere: £8.26
in stock

No Space In Time cover

Tandar and Karyopa rule a happy empire under the six suns that never set, but they are childless. When an ancient mage appears in the Tower of Jeratana bearing unto them a baby princess they accept her without hesitation.

But babe and Mage are really a single being and as one half ages the other grows younger. When they meet in maturity they bear a son, Melgor Erdin, whose advent shatters the fabric of time itself. His whole life becomes a desperate struggle to undo the disasters precipitated by his birth, becoming a legend to the people of the Universe's final epoch.

The story continues in Tower Beyond Time.