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On Spec: The First Five Years
edited by On Spec Editorial Collective

Subject: Science Fiction / Fantasy
Publisher: Tesseract Books (Canada)

Edition Our Price inc. p&p Status
first edition hardback, 255pp, ISBN 1895836123, 1995 UK only: £30.00 in stock
paperback, 255pp, ISBN 1895836085, 1995 UK only: £19.95 in stock

On Spec: The First Five Years cover

    I recommend it to any life-form with a body temperature below Fahrenheit 451
    Spider Robinson
    On Spec deserves readers, and rewards them
    Guy Gavriel Kay
    [One of] your best bets in SF
    Gardner Dozois

Featuring the best short stories and poetry from the first half-decade of the award-winning Canadian science fiction and fantasy magazine, On Spec.

Includes fiction by Eileen Kernaghan, James Alan Gardner, Robert J. Sawyer, Karl Schroeder, Catherine MacLeod, Jason Kapalka, Wesley Herbert, Wade Bell, Dirk L. Schaeffer, Richard deMeulles, Derryl Murphy, M.J. Murphy, Sally McBride, Keith Scott, Preston Hapon, Robert Boyczuk, Hugh A.D. Spencer, M.A.C. Farrant, and Erik Jon Spigel.